Star “Daddy’s daughters” reunited

Звезды «Папиных дочек» воссоединились Lisa Arzamasova and Ekaterina Starshova delighted fans with a joint photo. The where girl posing on the set of new year’s TV show, caused a storm of emotions among users of social networks.
Звезды «Папиных дочек» воссоединились

TV channels actively remove Christmas programs, which bring together Russian celebrities. To please and to surprise the audience, the artists prepare a bright room and try on spectacular outfits and the producers come up with unexpected duets.

In the microblog star of the series “the Ivanov-Ivanov” Alexey Lukin appeared photograph taken in a festive atmosphere. Fans of the young actor suggested that he was in regular light. Along with Lukin, the picture shows his colleague Semyon Treskunov, as well as grown-up star “Daddy’s daughters” Liza Arzamasova and Ekaterina Starshova.

“Ivanov son and father’s daughter,” – said Lukin.

Users of Instagram were delighted with the publication of Alex. They wished him well to celebrate the New year. “Cool”, “Love”, “The coolest gathered”, “Ivanov and Vasnetsovy”, “Oh my God”, “This button? How she changed”, “Katya Starshova look like your sister”, “Amazing people,” fell comments.

Many fans of the series “Ivanov-Ivanov” also began to share assumptions about what is in the air what channel will show young artists. Fans assumed that they were doing a Christmas video for channel, CTC Love, in the broadcasting schedule which you can find “Daddy’s daughters”.

Lisa previously shared a joint photo with the lead singer of MBAND and star of the TV series “My fair nanny” by Boris Smolinym. Fans of the girls admitted that she is in good company. “The dream”, “Every day watching TV series with your participation”, “Smolkina Love”, “Beauty” – they expressed their opinion.

It is worth noting that after the popular series Arzamasova and Starshova did not indulge fans with a joint set. In an interview, Lisa said that does not support friendly relations with former colleagues. According to the actress, each of them concentrated on his life – school, work, other projects. However, the girl is always happy to meet with those who worked on “Daddy’s daughters” and to exchange a few words.

We will remind that Ekaterina Starshova is the young actress in “Daddy’s daughters”. In October of this year, she was 16 years old. According to the mother of the girl Elena Mikhaylovskaya, her daughter is not in social networks. Accounts that allegedly belong to Catherine, actually being scams. Starshova prefers to hide under pseudonyms for fear of persecution persistent fans.