Star “Daddy’s daughters” broke up with her boyfriend

Звезда «Папиных дочек» рассталась с бойфрендом 15-year-old actress, who became famous with the role of Buttons, said “StarHit” what is happening in her personal life. In addition, soon on the channel STS Love starts showing the new project of Heidi, worked on Kate.
Звезда «Папиных дочек» рассталась с бойфрендом

Not long ago, 15-year-old Ekaterina Starshova, known for his role as Buttons in the TV series “Daddy’s girls”, laid out in Instagram the photo with a nice young man and clearly signed by her in the following words: “When he wanted to capture how I look at my boyfriend.” Fans were quick to rejoice over the actress and wrote that they were boyfriend look great together.

Recently she decided to concentrate on the job in August, CTC Love launched the TV series “Heidi,” in which she voiced one of the main characters. “StarHit” managed to find out what is happening in your personal life Starkovoy.

“Everyone is talking about my young man, – has shared with “StarHit” the artist. – It’s true, I had a boyfriend, but after the close fellowship we quickly dispersed. So now I’m busy with work.”
Звезда «Папиных дочек» рассталась с бойфрендом

I wonder what Starshova’s first participation in the process of scoring. As recognized 15-year-old schoolgirl until she is given is hard.

“I am very pleased with the new experience! – says Katya. – I’ve never voiced foreign TV series. As it turned out, this is very interesting, but at the same time requires a lot of effort. I need not only to convey the intonation of the heroine, but also to keep track of time to talk as much as the actress. Already looking forward to when “Heidi” will begin on STS Love to hear how will sound my voice.”

Earlier in an interview, button admitted that he plans to devote the acting profession all my life, there is still studying, family and friends. By the way, this year Starshova graduated from the ninth grade, and passed the DPA, as all the students. Unlike some peers, Kate steadfastly withstood the test and never complained about difficulties. Moreover, the examination results have pleased her. The girl generally likes to learn.

“There was something easier, something harder, but overall I successfully passed the exams and satisfied with the jobs that I got, – said the young actress with “StarHit”. – And then my parents were vacationing in Spain, was in Barcelona and the theme Park Port Aventura”.

In her spare time Kate enjoys reading. The actress says that loves fiction. “I like the creativity of the writer Sergey Lukyanenko. Favorite book – “Spectrum” – said Starshova.

Recall that Kate became famous because of the role of the young heiress Sergey Vasnetsov in the TV series “Daddy’s girls”. The sitcom started in 2010, when Starkovoy was only five years old, but for many it is still the same little girl. Meanwhile, for ten years, “daughter” has grown, and some of them even got married and fathered a child, as did actress Daria Melnikova. Darya Melnikova grow from baby to a real man