Звезда Comedy Woman рассказала, какой кошмар ей пришлось пережить
Nadia Sysoeva shared impressions about their unfortunate experience.

Nadezhda Sysoeva

Photo: Press service of Comedy production

The most common phrase star Comedy Woman hears from
childhood: “You need to get better”. But whatever was eating the dumplings, buns,
sweets continues to be lean and slender: the growth of 170 cm
she usually weighs about 50 kg. she was only Uncomfortable once, when
due to the stress she was down to 45 and realized it was in fact
too… But there is in its fragility and advantages. For example, one
not giving her a legitimate 32 years old, usually takes about 10.
Of course, reaching the age of 30, Nadezhda Sysoeva became more concerned
about face. “My mother taught since childhood that daily cleansing of the skin,
hydration, nutrition — such as mandatory procedures as teeth cleaning,
for example.”

But now Hope is increasingly looking to the beauticians. “Doing a facial massage,
impose all sorts of masks. And once decided on vitamin
mesotherapy. It was a nightmare! The procedure seemed very painful, I
her work survived. No more experimenting”.

Inject hyaluronic acid or Botox, the actress is not going to. And
sympathetic to those who do: “If the girl uploading
gel on the lips, feel more confident, more beautiful, why not?
However, in Comedy Woman, we often joke on these types”.

Once Nadia joked in her Instagram: photographed by placing
bra a few pounds of cotton, and was accompanied by the sad
the words “In another life could have been”. Followers “exploded”:
Nadia did her chest a La Pamela Anderson! Only then it became
it is known that Comedy Woman had been preparing a new room.

Humor helps girls
not to be lost in any situation. Three years ago during a rehearsal
“Hypermarket of love” had an emergency “When we rehearsed with Masha Kravchenko, she accidentally punched me
knee right in the forehead! — recalls Nadezhda. A huge bruise was nothing to paint. But
the yield was found: I took it and disguised as a blue character from Avatar. And
get a new room.

What sport does Hope Sysoeva, as is caring for
hair and eats not to gain weight, read here.

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