Star Comedy Woman revealed the reasons for parting with her lover

Звезда Comedy Woman раскрыла причины расставания с возлюбленным
Nadezhda Sysoeva believes that their love is jinxed envious

Nadezhda Sysoeva and Roman pan

Star Comedy Woman Nadezhda Sysoeva sad about a lost love. Exactly
a year ago, she broke up the band “band’eros” Roman Pan. With the singer girl met for several years. Relationships with the young people were
serious. They made plans for the future, wanted to live as one family and publicly
admitted that fell in love with each other at first sight.

Their gap for
the loved ones was like a bolt from the blue. It seemed that these two are meant
for a friend. Despite the fact that it took so much time Nadia still can’t
to recover from that with Roma, they broke up. About it fans
the stars found out by reading the message on the page in a social network under the touching
a snapshot of former lovers. The actress says that their love is jinxed.

“It’s been exactly a year since we
finally broke up, ” writes Nadia. — So this is weird! This man was filled with every second of my life in the present and future, and
now, we know nothing about each other! Blocked
networks, deleted from phones. We do not meet by chance in airports or on
corporate parties, although in the same business. Ride on the boards some tracks
and never met in your favorite parks and cafes, although living in the same area.
I still immediately change the radio stations, if you can hear the familiar notes of his songs
group, and he probably toggles TNT. I honestly still believe that we
jinxed! There were so many pictures on social media, interviews, posts,
screaming about our happiness. Still should be protected from prying eyes and evil tongues
his personal life”.

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