Звезда Comedy Woman Надежда Ангарская стремительно худеет The artist for several weeks, exhausting yourself in the gym and strict diets. Nadezhda Angarskaya regularly reports the results of weight loss on Instagram. In her confession, the waist is already greatly reduced.
Звезда Comedy Woman Надежда Ангарская стремительно худеет

One of the most brilliant artists Comedy Woman Nadezhda Angarskaya decided in a short time to lose a few dozen pounds. Comedian rapidly loses weight and does not intend to stop there.

From the beginning of spring Angara routinely made available to Network users the results of the transformation, showing the fans in Instagram, what it eats and what physical exercises are performed under the strict supervision of a trainer.

The Joker also tries to inspire fans to lead a healthy lifestyle. According to the stars, nutrition and activities improve health and Outlook, and – in a few times.

“Hey, who’s the smartest? The name of this salad? Poke your tape Sonim lunch, and under the table on his knees double cheeseburger and fries with cheese sauce. No, guys, relax. I am honest and transparent. What to eat and the show. Once made the decision to lose weight, so I will lose weight. Swore to myself not to respond to the campaign: “All for 69 rubles”. Even: “All 50″ are not conducted. At parties, eat a little, drink a lot. Water, of course! In the beginning it was difficult. For me and others. Now it is only difficult for others. It can eat and drink thepresence in my presence. But I almost got used to the good. Accustomed to a healthy glow, inner ease and everyday stress. Everything is interconnected in our body. I even dreams he can see a suspiciously good”, – shared the singer.

Angara told the user how she managed to start to live a healthy lifestyle. According to the artist, everyone should choose an individual path and not to deviate from the goal. Hope has learned to see in the simple things of sports equipment for exercising.

“The ingenuity of the athletes to be envied. I never would have thought that this sporting equipment, and not moving. But I like it. Notice how Fiz-RA relieves the brain? Maybe that’s why it is often put first or last lesson?” noted

Instagram Angara shared intermediate result of exercise and diet. According to her, she still has a lot of work.

“Three things I can watch endlessly: the fire burning as clean Moscow to the world Cup and shrinks my waist. Ruslan promised Ruslan did. Promised minus 10 kg of minus 6 cm and plus 10 on the street? All it is at the moment. How much more is there to say. But there is something. I invite all to work with me. Women, it’s fun! Don’t wait for the promised three years, and to result in four weeks,” said Hope.