Star Comedy Club Ruslan White ran away from the angry bashkircev

Звезда Comedy Club Руслан Белый сбежал от разъяренных башкирцев The comedian appeared in the center of a scandal after the jokes, which seemed to a number of spectators to be offensive. Dissatisfied staged pickets and threatened to disrupt the other performances Ruslan White. Apparently, in the near future comedian make a public apology.

38-year-old star Comedy Club Ruslan White insulted the residents of Bashkortostan, calling the national hero Salavat Yulaev “a bandit and a robber.” In addition, he allowed himself to joke about the sound of the Bashkir language and the local population was suspected of alcoholism. The performance of White in the framework of the project “Comic in the city” provoked a heated debate on the Network. Many found the joke inappropriate and Ruslana demanded from him a public apology.

Star Comedy Club was at the center of the scandal over inappropriate jokes

The Network launched the hashtag #salavatabad, and the world Kurultai of the Bashkirs sent a complaint to the Prosecutor General, demanding to bring the White from criminal liability under article 282 of “inciting hatred or enmity”, and prepared an appeal to the leadership of TNT. This case is not over. 400 people demanded to disable the broadcasting of TNT on the territory of Bashkortostan, at that time a group of activists – a strong fight team “Tarkhan” – went to Ulyanovsk, and then went White. The comedian fled from young people, so they had to speak with its Director. What was discussed was not reported.

“During the meeting there were some conditions. I hope that Ruslan himself White and its Director will fulfill these conditions. I believe that it is necessary. And they must do so before April 21, 2018. While such results. We wait for their action,” said those in social networks.

In case of failure to comply the boys had threatened to disrupt performances by the stars of Comedy Club in other cities of Russia. Apparently, in the near future White will apologize for my statement. The same promise was given to one of the Bashkir activists, who came for trials in the TNT office in Moscow. Ruslan Gataullin told reporters that he failed to communicate with the guide channel, but the broadcaster has promised to deal with the situation.

“There is a man who deals with this issue. But it’s not in the office. The Secretary said that the question is solved, and will apologize. I think that they do not want to meet. May be, I’m afraid. Because immediately after our call came two men in uniform. Two police officers. Maybe we were looking for. But TNT Secretary said that apologies will be”, – said the activist with reporters.

Ruslan himself White refrains from comments on the incident. As journalists report, the comedian hung up, when I heard about what will be discussed. During his speech in Ulyanovsk Ruslan refrained from humor angered the Bashkirs. Once the White is still allowed himself to joke about the city, but in a harmless context. Star Comedy Club asked if in the hall of audience with the number of subscribers more than 10 thousand people. Nobody responded, and White said he likes the cities where there are bloggers.

According to “Moscow speaking” and “Idel. Realities”.