Звезду Comedy Club могут лишить прав за грубое нарушение ПДД Andrew was driving in the opposite lane. Resident of the popular show Comedy Club, known under the pseudonym Dyusha Metelkin, ignoring the rules of the road. After the proceedings in court, the artist may not be allowed to sit behind the wheel of a car for six months.

      Popular showman and resident Comedy Club Andrey Minin, better known under the pseudonym Dyusha Metelkin, accused of violating traffic rules. The incident occurred yesterday in the center of Moscow. Apparently, the man decided to cut their way and to get to your destination, choose a one-way road. According to the journalists, passing on Mira Avenue the resident of Comedy Club turned on Trifonovskaya street. 35-year-old comedian did not hesitate to go in the opposite direction that could cause an emergency. Employees of traffic service notice improper maneuver of the vehicle of the artist, and hastened to stop the violation.

      Now Minin will have to testify and explain the reasons for their behavior on the roadway. After that a decision will be made whether to refer the case to the court. For movement in the counter direction, the man could face a disqualification of up to six months or a fine.

      In October last year, a colleague of Andrei Minin Demis in the Caribbean were also detained by officers for traffic violations. Workers patrol suspected the man was driving while intoxicated. In order to confirm or refute the suggestion of the traffic police, the comedian had to undergo a medical examination. However, Demis refused to do that. Caribou threatened a fine of 30 thousand rubles and deprivation of rights for a period of six months to two years. His case was transferred to the court at the place of residence of a famous comedian – in Gelendzhik.

      Andrey Minin became known throughout the country after appearing as one of the members humorous show Comedy Club. Together with his colleagues he created the group United Sexy Boyz (USB). A hallmark of the artist become massive glasses with rhinestones, in which he has consistently for the past six years appears on the scene.

      Apparently, now the actor will have to opravdyvaetsya for his behavior behind the wheel. As reports the edition Life, Andrew was arrested for failure to comply with prescribed traffic signs or roadway markings.