Star Comedy Club celebrates 35th anniversary

Звезда Comedy Club отмечает 35-летие
Dyusha Metelkin is celebrating the anniversary with a glass of lemonade.

Звезда Comedy Club отмечает 35-летие

Star Comedy Club Dyusha Metelkin celebrates 35th anniversary

Photo: TNT

October 6 marks 35 years resident of Comedy Club
TNT Andrey Minin, who is better known as the leader of the group USB Duchamp

According to Andrew, this day is not much different in a series of working days. Rise at 6 in the morning
a couple business meetings, a five-kilometer jog in the hall, and, of course, a trip to
Comedy Club office where the day promised good bear.

Members of the group USB

Photo: TNT

“I will treat you guys dinner: cake, pies Ossetian, Georgian
lemonade, in General, something with a Caucasian bias, — said Andrey. — 35-anniversary I
otherwise known as five minutes to forty. For me this is a serious date, so
the ranks big plans for the future. Hopefully soon the TNT audience will see my attempts
to leave behind something else, in addition to clips USB. Of course, this will involve
humor with Comedy Club”.

For its 35th anniversary
Andrew was an ardent supporter Lifestyle: quit Smoking, drink alcohol and became
sports. Who would have thought that Nikita, Stas, Turbo, and Duchamp Gene
Metelkin will celebrate the birthday of leader USB soda! A powerful evening party
Andrew would prefer a romantic dinner with his wife Xenia in one of the restaurants
Moscow. Moreover, tomorrow Andrew will fly to my mother in Krasnoyarsk, and then,
after all, promises to throw a little party in one of the bars of the city.”