Star clips Sia Maddie Ziegler meets with the son of Stevie wonder

Звезда клипов Sia Мэдди Зиглер встречается с сыном Стиви Уандера

16-year-old Maddie Ziegler, Sia which the singer pays a major role in almost every clip, is Dating 17-year-old Kalinda Morris, son of Stevie wonder. Confirmation was a romantic photo shoot and a set of simple pictures.

Звезда клипов Sia Мэдди Зиглер встречается с сыном Стиви Уандера

For the first time about the affair talking a couple of weeks ago when the network appeared information about the joint pastime. The couple met and went on dates. Themselves later Maddie and Ceiling have put pictures together on instagram, and then doubt have fans left. To officially confirm the relationship of the stars decided a romantic way. Famous photographer Tyler shields, who presented a provocative work for Vanity Fair, did a photo shoot for Maddie and Kalinda. The photos were made in the style of the artist, without any frills.

Звезда клипов Sia Мэдди Зиглер встречается с сыном Стиви Уандера
According to the publication, The Blast, which first reported on the affair of the dancer and the son of Stevie wonder, the pair met on the set of the project Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. By participating there, Maddie noticed Sia! There was her younger sister Mackenzie Ziegler and his younger brother Mandla Morris.

Звезда клипов Sia Мэдди Зиглер встречается с сыном Стиви Уандера
Maddy is primarily known for her work in music videos, Sia. “I first met Sia last year. Of course, I knew her songs. She wrote me on Twitter and said that follow my work and she liked the way I acted in the program “Dance Moms”. Then she offered me a cooperation. I could not believe that such a celebrity wanted to hire me. Two weeks later I flew to Los Angeles. Since I was on the show, I didn’t know whether to allow me to participate in the video. I was given four days to learn the dance, but I did it in three hours.
Before meeting with the singer I was very nervous, didn’t know what to expect from it. I don’t even really know what she looks like. I saw a photo online where she’s younger, but they are so different that I wasn’t sure if I recognize her. But she ran up to me and hugged me. Between the two of us caught a tiger, like we knew each other our whole life.”

“Now we meet every time I come in Los Angeles, but unfortunately, it does not often happen. Recently we often meet on talk shows and different programs. It still feels weird when people on the street recognize me, but I accept with gratitude everything changes. I had so many opportunities, so many suggestions. For the opportunity to participate in the video I am also very grateful, because the dance with the young Shia is very different from the style in which I dance, and yet, I really like it, I also like the fact that Sia has allowed me to be his mini version in the clip.”

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