Star clip Shnurov about the louboutins were a clown

Звезда клипа Шнурова про лубутены оказалась клоуном
Yuliya Topol’nitskiy graduated from the theatre Academy at the theatre “Litsedei”.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Yuliya Topol’nitskiy got to the clip of group “Leningrad” after a rigorous selection on the casting came more than two hundred candidates. The job was easy — all were given skinny jeans and asked them to wear. “That was a complete improvisation as I tried to get involved, — says the actress. — Soon after the trial, I received a letter from the casting Director: “Julia, you are approved”. I did not expect and did not feeling. But, anyway, clip, filmed by Anna Parmas along with this dream team Fancy Shot became an event. She is brilliant Director. Any man can pull anything. And I really wish she took me even though somewhere, would give at least a small role. Anyway, in the movie or in the clip. She each clip as the movie.”

Julia admits that her way into the actress was indirect. “In my childhood, my desires were changing at lightning speed. Once I decided that the ideal is to be a Director of the wipers. I should come to him in the morning and said, “okay, guys, now off! All go for a walk!” I also wanted to be a seller at the grocery store. Thought there is nothing better than standing on the counter and ask: “What are you? Rice? You 16.90…” I wanted to be a model. This is all girls dream. For the longest time wanted to be a ballerina. Loved to watch ballet on TV, I liked Maya Plisetskaya, Vishneva soft as marshmallows. I wanted to be like them. At first was engaged in the ensemble of “the Petersburg souvenir” is a folk dance, then entered the ballet school. We went on tour — to China, to Cyprus, to Germany, many more where. It was fun. He saw the world. Ballet is still really nice to me, this posture, and discipline. But… When I graduated from ballet school, I knew ballerina to become don’t want. Ballet is a strict system where it is impossible to improvise. It’s not interesting to me. And man will never succeed in that he is not interested”.

In the result, Topol’nitskiy was… a clown. Maybe that’s why Yulia is so easy on the eccentric and the ridiculous part in the video clip Shnurov?

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