Звезда клипа Ольги Бузовой оказался в ночлежке из-за тяжелой зависимости Actor Alexei Petrenko, who was involved in a video for the song “We be hot”, openly spoke of the addiction to alcohol. As it turned out, the man had a fight with his girlfriend and ended up in the shelter and lost his job.
Звезда клипа Ольги Бузовой оказался в ночлежке из-за тяжелой зависимости

38-year-old Alexei Petrenko, who starred in episodes of the TV series “Junior”, “Uni. The new Dorm” and “Special case”, and also in the video Olga Buzova and Nastya Curls for the song “We be hot”, appeared in a difficult life situation. The actor is living in a flophouse and is having problems with the work. “It is sad to me. I don’t want to live here,” says Alex, habitually applying to the bottle of alcohol. The actor started drinking seriously at the age of 25. Its history he shared in the “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

Parents Petrenko does not support it, so the man was forced to move out. Girl artist Tatiana also condemned his behaviour and asked to pick up their belongings.

“We lived together. At first, I did not drink with her for over a month, but then started again. I have not seen her any support, she destroyed me in full. You need to accept me for who I am. Yes, I may be, sometimes drinking. And so on… – said Alex. – I remember coming somehow, and she throws me out of the house. Said, “Get your things and get out.”
Звезда клипа Ольги Бузовой оказался в ночлежке из-за тяжелой зависимости

Alex believes that parents are aware of the situation in which he found himself. While the actor is not ready to return to loved ones. Reporters contacted the man’s mother Tatiana Nikolaevna.

“The next morning he calls us all the time, says that he was all right, goes on shooting. Voice like everything is fine. Asked where he lives, says Tanya. He just lost his job, and now I understand that it is not. From the movie he was constantly sick, that fired him for the New year. He was an economist in the housing. As he begins to drink, he’s the eternal problem. It’ll break your arm, then leg. I don’t know how to help him, he will not accept my help. A hospital bed does not want to be encoded, too,” – said the parent of an actor.
Звезда клипа Ольги Бузовой оказался в ночлежке из-за тяжелой зависимости

At the same time, Petrenko said that his mom is a bit distorted information. According to the actor, it was coded and was in the hospital. “It’s not so much about alcohol addiction, and that nobody wants me, not demand. Hence the drinking,” said Alex.

In the video project “the polygraph ШарикOFF” Sergei Parkhomenko for the song “Gaelic Vani” Petrenko played one of the police officers. The video has received over 17 million views. “Alex is not produced and does not produce the impression of a man who needs help. He’s an artist, and artists – people of the frontier lifestyle. There are UPS and downs. I don’t understand, Alex, why do you think that all should help you. Who you should help and how? You are 38 years old,” said Serge.

Showman Stepan Menshikov condemned the behavior Petrenko. “What kind of example are you showing to the younger generation? Aren’t you ashamed?” – exclaimed the ex-participant of “House-2”. However, another expert, artist Alla krinitsyna, on the contrary, was supported by Alexei. “I had a similar situation. I lived with the Director, quite well-known. I feel for you. Creative people are all a little bit crazy, very hard for us. You need to find support,” said the woman.

Tatiana Artyukhova, the landlady of the rooming house where Alex now lives, also appeared in the Studio program. She even had no idea that stinking bum worked in film and on TV. Producer Leonid dzyunik, familiar with Petrenko, said that the man constantly receives offers to star in another project. According to the friend of Alex, he had severe alcohol dependence. Dzyunik has reported that many are willing to help Petrenko, but he does not want to undertake itself and to quit addiction.

Звезда клипа Ольги Бузовой оказался в ночлежке из-за тяжелой зависимости

A friend of Alexis Vera Kuvshinova cried when saw him. The woman felt that Petrenko was “broken”. The current state of the actor shocked Kuvshinovo. “Well, what are you? I’m sorry,” he turned to Petrenko friend. Faith believes himself to be the Muse of Alexis. The author of the hit “the White dragonfly of love” Nikolay Voronov are too quick to take the side of Petrenko. The young man believes the actor is normal. “Killing is not the alcohol, and the criticism,” – said the ravens. According to Nicholas, a difficult period in the life of Alex will be over soon.

Before becoming the hero of the program Andrei Malakhov, Alexei was lying on a drip. The actor was placed in a medical institution, for which he thanked the editorial Board of the transfer. Petrenko admitted that breaking experiences, but to return to alcohol not intended. General Director of “clinic of Dr. Buchach” Eugene Buceatchi said that Alex went to the doctors in a serious condition.

“He’s still intoxicated. We had to try very hard, so he came to shoot” – said the expert.