Star came to the defense of participants of “Eurovision” Yulia Samoilova

Звезды встали на защиту участницы «Евровидения» Юлии Самойловой The audience ambiguously expressed about the singer. Celebrity, in turn, hastened to support the artist. A graduate of the TV project “Factor A” Julia Samoilov, who will perform on the stage of the international competition in Kiev, thanked everyone for the kind words.

      Yesterday evening it became known that the singer Yulia Samoylova in may will travel to Kyiv to represent Russia at the international competition “Eurovision”. Despite the fact that the artist confined to a wheelchair, the leadership of the First channel has decided that she will be able to adequately perform on the big stage in front of multi-million TV audience. After he announced the name of participants, social media literally exploded with discussions. “Remarkable girl and a voice so cool!”, “Lyrics good as music. It’s just, so to speak, previews. The performance itself (with real emotion with real voice) we’ll be able to hear the contest. And quite a decent performance. Many simply expect something brilliant after Lazarev with solid special effects,” thought some.

      However, not all also enthusiastically supported the decision to send a member of the TV show “factor a” on such a large competition. “I don’t know who this songs not heard her, even in the lists of candidates was not how she generally painted. Yeah”, “the biggest disappointment of the week. You’d better do not participate”, – shared his opinion of the Internet users.

      On “the Eurovision” Russia will be represented by the favorite of Alla Pugacheva

      Some users have linked the choice of the leadership of the First channel with the recent incident on the program “Minute of fame”. However, the press service television, third program aprobarea this information.

      Some celebrities supported Samoilov and wished her luck. They felt that she would represent our country. Anita Choi praised the vocal participants of “Eurovision” this year.

      “No matter what they say and write. If you dropped your only chance, use it! Disability is not a sin, and in this case an advantage, because you are already in the game, baby! And you sing great. Get ready for 200% and only forward! With an open and fearless heart, with a love song to the people! Break a leg”, – said the artist.

      Many insulted the words of some enemies and they were quick to support Samoilov. “Today I learned that Yulia Samoilova will represent Russia at the contest “Eurovision-2017”. Read the comments of some “gifted people” who believe she doesn’t belong there. I want to ask you, good Sirs: you have such courage as Julia. You have no honor! You only have a rotten manner to discuss the physique of a talented person. She is a disabled person, physically. Yes. And it’s sad. And you, gentlemen, invalids spiritual (mental). It is not sad. This is disgusting. Because nobody to blame but yourself!” commented actress Comedy Woman Tatyana Morozova.

      Could not resist the statements of the controversial blogger Lena Miro. She was outraged that Russia has decided to perform at the song contest. In her view, this event doesn’t deserve such hype. Although, it is possible that Miro is based only on your own taste – she admitted she prefers any kind of music of silence. “That’s why we have this small-Eurovision contest, which in Europe is rarely heard? We every year organize around it the excitement, comparable only to that of the Olympics in Sochi”, – says Lena.

      Yulia was quick to thank all those who supported her in the happy moment.

      “Thank you all so much for your support! Comes a lot of messages, calls – all phones are broken! Thank you very much! I am thankful,” asked Samoylov to his supporters in the microblog.

      The actress is excited to be able to represent Russia at the international competition. In an interview with “StarHit” she admitted that long dreamed of “Eurovision”. Yulia takes part in festivals along with people without disabilities. It inspires her to new achievements. A pupil of Alla Pugacheva about the operation: “Now I can not be afraid of strangulation”

      “The realization that I’m competing on an equal basis with people without disabilities, charged me for new achievements. Let’s be honest, it is better not to no place in the competition for ordinary guys than to the Grand Prix event for people with disabilities”, – said the singer.

      Julia Samoylova became known to the General public after his appearance on the contest “Factor A”. Alla Pugacheva has personally applauded the actress and even stood up from her place after her speech. She admits that TV show literally changed her life. Thanks to this she met a prima Donna, which gave her the confidence.

      Not long ago, Julia had surgery on the spine. The girl was collecting money in social networks, and just a couple of weeks she got the required amount. Samoilov told me that rehabilitation went well and she is full of strength and energy for creativity.