Звезда «Не родись красивой» Ольга Ломоносова променяла театр на деньги и успех The actress was the guest of the program “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova. Olga openly talked about why at first refused the role in the legendary series. And after the role of Kira in the sitcom “born Not pretty” suddenly became famous.
Звезда «Не родись красивой» Ольга Ломоносова променяла театр на деньги и успех

Olga Lomonosov said that the series “Not born beautiful” actually changed her life. According to the actress, she initially refused to appear in the domestic sitcom. The artist believed that it is not worthy of her work: more than ten years ago, she successfully performed the main role in the capital’s theaters. Only desire to earn extra money forced the University to retreat from the principles and, by her own admission, to appear in “soap”.

“I came to audition and realize that all people are just running around… I Thought, “But it’s not mine!” And they have everything they broadcast. They urgently need an actress” – says Lomonosov. Olga said that to get her to be the Director of the movie Alexander Nazarov.

“He said treat it as a process. Moreover, the team of cool, nice guys. Yes, this story is a “soap”. I thought that somehow so nezametnenko will be held in a few months. We went to this factory for a year… I already had a contract. But as Nellie is survived – I don’t understand. She was paid a penny, she was sitting there around the clock. There were tears when you are already frustrated,” says the actress.

Olga noted: after the first series, she began to learn in all public areas. The role of Kira in the series brought her great success.

“After “Not born beautiful”, it was this: here I am, but the world. Of course, we all have the feeling that we will be removed forever. We’ve tried really, honestly. Woke up famous, and at me all turned around. All sat down closer to the TV” – said Lomonosov.

According to the artist, she does not regret that she starred in the acclaimed series, leaving the Vakhtangov theatre. For his work in the sitcom Lomonosov received at the time a fabulous fee. And soon, the artist met his love. Elect Olga was Paul Safonov is also an actor of theatre and cinema, along the way, he is directing.

The creative couple has three children – two daughters: Barbara and Alexander, and son Theodore, his actress gave birth to a year ago. However, my beloved has still not legalized relationships. As admitted University, she is absolutely not necessary.