Star “be Not born beautiful” Grigory Antipenko is going through a creative oblivion

Звезда «Не родись красивой» Григорий Антипенко переживает творческое забвение The actor said, why in 2013 practically no role in the movie. The man is sure that he does not offer decent roles. In his opinion, the Russian cinema, to blame popular TV show.
Звезда «Не родись красивой» Григорий Антипенко переживает творческое забвение

Grigory Antipenko woke up a star after the release of the series “Not born beautiful”. After this dizzying success, the actor began more selective in choosing roles. Over the past four years, Gregory has preferred to play only in the theater and refused to participate in film projects.

Many fans of Gregory came to the conclusion that he’s just not popular in the profession. In a recent interview, the actor has refuted this misconception and stated that he was not offered a decent role.

“I didn’t want to star in movies that are not interesting to me. Sincerely believe believe that we’re back in the stone age of film and learning everything anew. But now I’ve come to the right feeling that the times did not choose. Now I’m a little rethink its position. I had to meet at the site with the great masters who have also refer to our contemporary cinema. But even if in the end the project in which they participated, could not worthy, then they will still honour left a situation”, – said Antipenko.
Звезда «Не родись красивой» Григорий Антипенко переживает творческое забвение

Now Gregory starred in several projects. He notes that in trying any new roles to find something interesting that would work with full dedication.

However, the work in the theatre still stands for the actor in the first place. During the performance Antipenko is a multifaceted talent, trying on different roles.

According to star, the decline of modern cinema began after the popular steel of various reality shows.

“All these media stories of the type “the House-2”, infinite “Factories” and other garbage blur the scope of the profession. They are very popular among people, but harmful. If any man in the street, using tucked opportunity, can get into a professional cinema or theatre, others look at it and think: “And I’m worse?” And then we wonder why we have Russian movie – with rare exception – everything is monochromatic, senseless and mediocre” – argues its position Antipenko.

At the moment Antipenko is part of the troupe of Vakhtangov theatre. Performances with his participation repeatedly became winners of prestigious awards.

In an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Gregory pointed out that sometimes one is faced with criticism. Experienced colleagues have repeatedly pointed out errors in his theatrical works. However, playing on stage, the man is trying first and foremost to listen to your own inner voice.