Star 90s Tatyana Markova decided to return to the stage after tragedy

Звезда 90-х Татьяна Маркова решилась вернуться на сцену после трагедии The singer loved by the audience after the hits the “Dress white”, “Remember”, “What I’ve done”, “Foreign wife”. Markov was the real star of the early ‘ 90s, but after a time, left forgotten by all.
Звезда 90-х Татьяна Маркова решилась вернуться на сцену после трагедии

Bright appearance, a unique tone of voice Tatyana Markova could not leave listeners indifferent, her songs were heard at every disco in the early ‘ 90s. After a brilliant takeoff the performer is gone.

For a long time about Markova nothing was heard, but she recently reached out to the surprise of many fans, Tatiana resumed concert activity. The reporters found that in the singer’s life, tragedy died of cancer her favorite son Alexander.

“Due to the loss of the son I and left the stage. This is the most sore subject for me that I would not want to go. Sasha this year would be 36 years old… fortunately, today I have a beautiful daughter and granddaughter. I was always called a crazy mother. I was a hen for their children. I think that now I am no less crazy grandma — all the most beautiful thing you see, buy granddaughter,” shared Tatiana.
Звезда 90-х Татьяна Маркова решилась вернуться на сцену после трагедии

The singer also said that the divorced spouse. However, she managed to maintain friendly relations with her ex-husband.

“We, along with Markov since 1980, our lives were different times and I separated, and divorced. But today we have a great relationship — I still cook Markov is his favorite soup and make different Goodies. He is constantly coming to me with their containers and said: “I Want soup!”. And I can openly say: “How can Victor cook soup with meatballs, and so I will! He does not recognize”. In addition, this year we have with him granddaughter was born,” said Tatiana.

According to the artist, an ex-husband Victor has invested in a project called “Tatyana Markova” a lot of time and effort. The singer said today that she and ex-husband have a great relationship, and old grudges were forgotten.

Tatiana admitted that, despite a busy touring schedule, she loves to cook. For stars of the pop scene the best way to relax is to cook.

“Frequent pattern in my house — I have not had time to dismantle the suitcase, but talking to her housekeeper: “I went!”. And she already knows and asks in response: “to Relax at the plate?”. I love to cook, and all my family know about it. So Victor is coming to me with their pots and pans all the years he found a better cook,” – said Markov.

According to the singer, they with the ex-spouse were family men. Ex-husband is always ready to help the actress.

“I do not think that the death of his son influenced our breakup. Probably, this event left its mark, at least, have shaken so much lined up,” shared the singer.

The actress revealed a secret – she wanted to leave Moscow forever and move to Volgograd. According to the singer, she planned to live on the Volga river, to care for the garden, raising tomatoes and nothing to remember. However, the love for the fans has forced Tatyana to return to the stage.

“I looked, read reviews and complaints of fans for several years. Honestly, thought I would go crazy. I could lose? As a result, we began to prepare a concert program in Volgograd. And most importantly — I did not give rest to written works that are still very much… So it began. In 2014, the concert in Volgograd was a great success. But from that moment all is hushed, and in 2016 I returned to Moscow,” Markov recalled.

Tatiana summed up in interview to the edition “” what happiness for her are the hardcore fans. They asked the singer not to leave the scene and continue to perform famous hits.