Звезда 90-х Евгений Осин: «Я завязал с алкоголем и помирился с дочкой» The artist managed to restore the relationship with his successor. The man paid child support and is now trying to be more involved in the life of 14-year-old Agnes. The girl’s father is proud of her musical success and I am confident that it will hear.

    Звезда 90-х Евгений Осин: «Я завязал с алкоголем и помирился с дочкой»

    Last week, the singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” was hospitalized in a Moscow clinic. There, according to media reports, 51-year-old Aspen was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. The singer has denied this information and admitted to “StarHit” that recently greatly limits himself in alcohol.

    “In fact, it was the usual routine examination, – commented on the aspens. – I actually spent several days in the hospital: me shone, doing tests and procedures. Now I’m home, feeling pretty good, no cirrhosis not feel it.

    Close artist knew about the intention of Aspen to visit a medical facility, so the rumours reacted calmly. In the beginning of the year Eugene himself admitted that he abused alcohol, explaining that the depression, which began due to separation from a 14-year-old daughter Agnia. But the singer now says that he quit drinking.

    “I paid all the debts for alimony. We communicate mainly by phone and the Internet, – said Eugene with “StarHit”. – Unfortunately, we rarely see each other, because Agnes lives with her mom in another area. This year he graduated from music school going to go to extra courses. She has beautiful vocals – the nature does not rest on the child, as they say. She writes wonderful poems, compose melodies – have ready two albums of songs. In addition, Agnes plays the drums – I recently gave her a silent drum kit had fun and the neighbors are not tortured. Happy with her progress – I think everything about it still will hear.”
    Звезда 90-х Евгений Осин: «Я завязал с алкоголем и помирился с дочкой»

    Recall, for a long time the artist was not able to establish a relationship with his daughter. Osin repeatedly complained to journalists that the successor refuses to have contact with him because of his addiction. Apparently, for the sake of the beloved child Eugene was ready to reconsider his life and give up alcohol.

    Previously, the star of the 90s show, the atmosphere in which he lives in a four-room apartment. He told reporters that come to him at home the doctors put a dropper. Osin said that a presentiment of impending death, and for this reason does not allow himself to remarry. However, women are surrounded by Aspen affection and care. Many of the fair sex, in his stories, helping him clean the apartment.