Станислав Садальский пытается помирить семью Максаковых The actor hopes that Maria and Ludmila, among whom relations have recently become strained, will be able to find a common language. Stanislav Sadalsky shared a poem relating to the topic of conflict of fathers and children.

Recently, actor Stanislav Sadalsky has become one of the guests of the TV show of First channel “Let speak”, which addressed a question to the singer Maria Maksakova. Opera diva who lost her husband, continues to reside on the territory of Ukraine. Sadalsky, as a friend of the mother of well-known performer, asked Mary to connect with Lyudmila Vasilyevna. “I can do without your advice?” – with these words, the artist replied the man.

Stas Sadalsky publicly quarreling with Maria Maksakova

Later Stanislav Sadalsky wrote in social networks that conveyed the words of the daughter of people’s artist of the RSFSR Lyudmila Maksakova. She said that she was misquoted by Leo Tolstoy. The next day, Sadalsky has decided to appeal to the family Aksakovyh. The man shared a rare snapshot of Lyudmila Vasilevny, and published a poem dedicated to the relationship between fathers and children, which has the following lines:

A mother’s heart
Day and night sad,
What my daughter
Not on calls?
Overlooked glazonki,
Sitting by the window.
As so, I am left
At age one?

Drama ends with one of the characters dies, not waiting for the close person:

A mother’s heart,
Unable to bear the separation,
Not around daughter,
And do not go grandchildren.
From anguish and pain
It stopped…
Don’t throw mothers
No matter what happens!

Social media users agreed that the poem is very touching. “The worst thing in life when children abandon parents. Parents are Holy, take care of and appreciate them, have a Difficult task – to build relationships with the younger generation,” “Read your post and immediately called my mom”, “what a pity that we recognize all too late,” wrote subscribers Sadalsky. At the same time some of them decided that the actor takes too active part in the life of Lyudmila Maksakova and her daughter. “Stas, someone else’s family – darkness”, “Give them time to depart”, “do Not judge, lest ye be judged,” wrote the followers Sadalsky.

We will add that in the program “Let them talk” Maria Maksakova noted that her sad strained relationship with a loved one. However, while the singer is unable to forgive his mother, whose harsh statements about the deceased husband of the actress Denis Boronenkov spread through all the media. “I am grateful to my mother for everything she did for me, and I still love her. But, unfortunately, there are steps and actions that make impossible my communication with her. This does not negate my love,” commented Maria. Lyudmila Maksakova regret the words about the death of son-in-law