Stanislav Sadalsky told about the state Drozdov after the accident

Станислав Садальский рассказал о состоянии Дроздова после аварии On Monday, the famous host got into an accident, injuring neighbor crossing the road in the wrong place. The victim is in the hospital. Stanislav Sadalsky has asked for Internet users to support Nicholas, very much was upset in a result of the incident. According to the actor, Drozdov terribly upset.

      Yesterday Nikolay Drozdov got in an accident. Journalists reported that the presenter, while driving, hit by car woman crossing the road on the carriageway. The news of this in a short time spread throughout the media and became one of the most discussed in the Network. After the incident, many Internet users started to criticize that, they say, shouldn’t the celebrity to get behind the wheel. Honored artist of Russia Stanislav Sadalsky has decided to support Nicholas who, says the actor is very upset about what happened. Note also that Drozdov immediately pleaded guilty.

      Nikolai Drozdov accident

      “Fanned the event… Kind-hearted man came under the media. Sorry that it happened, however, and the pedestrian had to be careful, as it should look before you cross the street out of the transition… I Wish her a speedy recovery, and Nicholas of exposure and resolve the situation… the Position of Nikolai Drozdov, who pleaded guilty and did not become a “play up” and use his connections to respect. A real man! Please don’t worry! Do not kill. On the roads we have now anything can happen, the ice wasn’t cleaned, etc., etc. I am sure that everything will be resolved in the best way – and she will quickly recover and the mood will be good. Watch your transfer and you are always positive! Children show “animal world”. Good luck and good health!.. Guys, girls, support, he is going through…” – said Stanislav Sadalsky in social networks.

      Members of the artist was supported by TV presenter and wished him all the best. “Health to all the participants of the accident”, “Everything will be fine”, “Wonderful, decent man. I imagine he is going through”, “take care of yourself”, “Nicholas, darling, do not worry and be brave”, “it could happen to anyone… Scary sometimes to sit behind the wheel, jump out of the dark for the right bus, rush through the road without making sure see them” “have great respect for Nikolai Nikolaevich and support”, “When I go and someone is in the dark or riding a Bicycle, I think “God forbid”, – discussed in the comments to the posts Sadalsky.

      Recall also that the journalists managed to get a comment from the victim in the accident. At the moment she is in the hospital. Tatiana Morozova said that she has a broken pelvic bone, and she will undergo surgery. Despite the incident, the woman doesn’t get mad at Drozdov, who asked her forgiveness. Morozov also revealed that calls up with Nikolai Nikolaevich and asks him not to worry about what happened. Host and his wife told the media representatives that will visit Tatiana. The police started investigation into the incident.