Stanislav Sadalsky told about the blackmail Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina

Станислав Садальский рассказал о шантаже Лидии Федосеевой-Шукшиной

Russian actor Stanislav Sadalsky continues to tell the truth about the relationship between their close friends-Actresses with their children. Sadalsky wrote previously about the strange relationship of a child Tatyana Vasilyeva for her. According to the actor, the adult son does is pull money from my mom. Now it came to Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

According to active user of social networking Sadalsky, the daughter of a 78-year-old people’s artist of the RSFSR requires it of 15 million roubles for housing, which she’s owed.

Details of what is happening Stanislav learned from Lidia during their accidental meeting: “Love her and regret. She has come to me for a while – getting near the Embassy of great Britain the working visa, and there was a break… Now, can barely walk, but continues to work, hoping to gather up the money to pay off his own daughter. Junior Olya put the mother’s condition to exchange or apartment, or to pay her 15 million for the law part. And leads everything about Basil makaritch – sacred apartment, where, though short-lived, but they lived with Shukshin, she will never change”.

Sadalsky said that Fedoseeva-Shukshina already purchased for daughter’s estate, but the heir was not enough: “Lida have already bought the Olga apartment near the convent in which she was once about to leave forever… St. Petersburg apartment Lida also issued to Olga”.

By the way, the visa to England Lydia Nikolaevna needed for filming. Soon the actress going to Europe for a new project where she can earn some money to pay her daughter: “Although the money he would pay, still not enough for the amount that requires the younger,” – says Stanislav Sadalsky.