Станислав Садальский намекнул на ДНК-тест с Иосифом Пригожиным The producer sent to each actor its rare picture from his youth. Sadalsky struck by the similarity between him and Prigogine. The artist even suspected that they might be relatives.

Joseph Prigogine and Stanislav Sadalsky’ve been friends for years. Fans had never seen the similarities between them. Today, however, the producer posted a photo on Instagram. In the picture Prigogine appears to be a young boy, with thick black hair, he cautiously smiling at the camera.

“I would never believe that I was. What happened to my hair?” – ironically commented on the frame producer.

Prigogine fans have reacted to the rare photos. “Better now, don’t worry” “I thought – Sadalsky”, “the Most important thing – eyebrows left!”, “Kapitoshka”, “You, too, like Spartaka Mishulina”, “How young we were…”, “Funny”, “Cool”, noted fans of the showman.

Sadalsky has also published the Prigogine. The actor told users that, perhaps, they will undergo DNA tests.

“When Prigogine sent this picture, thought it was I on Shabolovka. On the set of Soviet “Alarm”. But no, it is Joseph in the 10th grade. I’m afraid that this story would jump Borisov. Start the story pohlesche than Timur Eremeev and Karina Mishulina! In shock, waiting for the summons, will take the DNA,” wrote Sadalsky in the picture.

Not so long ago, Joseph Prigozhin has surprised fans with the young twins on her hands. Fans suspected that children born producer his wife, Valeria. However, he denied the speculation. “It’s not our children, not our grandchildren. They bore neither Anya nor Given, neither Dima nor Arseniy nor Artem. But these kids are not strangers to us, – said the singer’s husband. Are our distant relatives, their children were born. I went to visit them. It is the children of the children we raised.” Joseph Prigogine explained the emergence in the family of two children

According to Prigogine, the twins really like him. “I was also born in the Caucasus. Children can say, from the Caucasus, but were born in Moscow. They are not strangers to us. What they like me – it’s true. The relatives all look alike,” Joseph told reporters.