Stanislav Sadalsky apologizes to Larissa Udovichenko

Станислав Садальский просит прощения у Ларисы Удовиченко The artist is nostalgic about the past. According to Stanislav Sadalsky, he still believes Larissa an extraordinary woman, but the actors do not talk for 12 years. Udovichenko can not forget the ex-scene partner is serious misconduct.

Stanislav Sadalsky gave myself a night memories. The actor shared a few frames from Larissa Udovichenko and remembered how they were together. The actor posted a classic picture with the star. Many years ago they were faithful comrades, who all supported each other. Larissa and Stanislav remembered by the audience for a great game in the film “To whom God would send,” directed by Vladimir Zaikina. However, the sudden celebrity fell out after the 50th anniversary of Udovichenko.

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“She is charming, beautiful creature. As far as I know, she has only one drawback. Unfortunately, the only drawback is the lack of taste. She doesn’t like me” – quoted Sadalsky famous writer Charles Dickens.

Examining the archives, Stanislav found another shot with Larissa. Netizens have been actively discussing the frame in the signature to which the actor admitted that he can’t forget their cooperation. Responding to comments from followers, the actor indicated that within 12 years, he does not communicate with Udovichenko.

“Less suffering”, “it is Better to regret about made, than to regret not done. Call her and talk”, “Reconciled. If over 12 years old are not let go, you have to put up with. A man may approach a woman. And our beauty, I think is very good, she will appreciate”, “Larissa – one of the most beautiful stages of your life, your creativity. Together you had interesting shows and movies. People meet and part, so it should be, then potential your relationship has dried up,” wrote in the comments on the pages of the artist.

As told Sadalsky in an interview after the 50th anniversary Udovichenko, the network appeared the information that she had delirium tremens in the middle of a party. The woman thought that Stas told about her condition to journalists. The actor claimed that he has no relation to the content published in the media. 12 years ago the correspondents booked a table in the next room to where the festival was held Udovichenko. She took the birthday girl at the wrong time. After that, the woman began to accuse Sadalsky that he secretly invited the press. After a few months they stopped working together.