Станислав Говорухин объявил об уходе из кино
The Director believes his latest work the best point.

Stanislav Govorukhin

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Stanislav Govoruhin told that it would no longer make movies, meeting with community leaders during his working visit to Udmurtia.

“I still believe that “the End of a great era” is my best picture. he said. — Moreover, I decided no more lift because I think that it’s better not to do it!”

The film “the End of a great era” was released in 2015. He was removed on motives of novels of Sergei Dovlatov “Compromise”. Despite this, the Director noticed that the picture has turned out largely autobiographical for him. The name for the end of his career is also very symbolic.

They say, for two years from the date of the premiere of Stanislav worked on three paintings, but what kind of projects and make them good to the audience after such a categorical statement, is unknown.

However, in 2013, the administration has already announced that he was leaving the movie. This happened after the premiere of his picture “Weekend”. The film was presented at the “Kinotavr” and Govorukhin did not like the reaction of the auditorium at some points in the film. However, less than a year as he took over “the End of a great era.” Maybe this time his “threats” would be frivolous.