Stanislav Doinikov will take the place of Anastasia Stotskaya

Станислав Дужников займет место Анастасии Стоцкой Singer Anastasia Stotskaya, with the scandal left the Commission, will replace the 42-year-old actor. He will judge the contestants on the remaining two stages of the competition, the results of which fail may 14.

      Станислав Дужников займет место Анастасии Стоцкой
      Станислав Дужников займет место Анастасии Стоцкой

      Star of TV series “Voronin” Stanislav Doinikov will be part of the jury of “Eurovision” from Russia. The actor chose to place Anastasia Stotskaya, which was eliminated from work in the Commission.

      Recall that the singer had violated the rule of secrecy, as he was an online broadcast from the first rehearsal of the contest in his Periscope. The organizers of “Eurovision” decided to deprive of its voting rights. Anastasia apologized for his action, explaining it to those that didn’t know such parts of the rules. “I was warned about confidentiality, not to disclose the results of the vote, in fact, that’s what I did. And about the video, no one knew of us,” said Stotsky.

      Anastasia Stotskaya was forced to leave the “Eurovision”

      Russian Commission had urgently to find a replacement. Since the actor Stanislav Doinikov was quite familiar with the functions of the judge in jury, and he was appointed fifth member of the jury. The star of the screen do not just decide the fate of the contestants of the television show “Without the tower”, the “Creative class” and “Live sound”. During his career in theater and film Stanislav also managed to show the vocal data. Actor has played in the movies the song “Miliceiskii rock-n-roll”, “Shrimp”, “All is well”, “We are everywhere”, “the guitar”.

      The composition of the jury Commission from Russia also included Gennady Gladkov, TV presenters Linden and Oskar Kuchera and musician Denis Maidanov. This year Eurovision was waiting for innovation. The professional jury and TV viewers from each country will evaluate the contestant as a separate score on a scale from 1 to 8, 10 and 12. After will be declared the votes of the jury, presenters will report the total number of points assigned to the artist by the public.

      Recall that the final of “Eurovision” will be held on may 14. Sergey Lazarev has already managed to impress the judges and room number for the song You are the only one in which the actor went on a projection in the form of a rock. However, rumor has it that for the last stage of the Russian performer was saving the surprise. Most experts and fans of the contest are of the opinion that Lazarev will be included in the top ten, and fans of the stars say that the singer will take the first place.

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