Stanislav Cherchesova will arrange a chic feast at home

Станиславу Черчесову устроят шикарное застолье на родине The coach became the real hero of the World Cup. It Stanislav Cherchesova owe the fans for the brilliant game of the Russian players. Coach is honored and loved throughout the country, but especially at home in South Ossetia.
Станиславу Черчесову устроят шикарное застолье на родине

The head coach of Russian national team admitted: his childhood can not be called carefree. Cherchesov was born in a large family in a tiny Ossetian town of Alagir. Parents for days lost at work: father was a bus driver and my mother a nurse. So four older sisters had to grow up early: the girls helped on the farm and was engaged in the upbringing of her brother, which brought a lot of trouble. For example, could together with your friends to get into the neighbor’s garden to steal pears, or catch a goose to roast and eat. “Of course, now he is the head of the family plucked up the mind. Now relatives regard him as Holy! – shares each Cherchesova Zaurbek. But he does not boast. On the contrary, once again better will modestly keep silent”.

Each emphasizes Stanislav Cherchesov, coach of the country is extremely respectful to the family and friends.

“As a true Ossetians always a very respectful attitude to family, especially to my father. Still keep old Newspapers, where Stas with pride tells the story of a father and a mother”, – said Zaurbek, each Cherchesova.
Станиславу Черчесову устроят шикарное застолье на родине
Станиславу Черчесову устроят шикарное застолье на родине

An old friend also told the story of meeting with the current coach of Russia: “We met in the early 80s. I worked as a student Council President in the North Ossetian University and Stas joined the same Department at the faculty of physical culture. Almost immediately began playing for the local “Spartak” and became a real star. But he never abused the situation, and teachers of indulgences did not do. Remember, in the 83rd year he was scheduled for an important game. And a few days before the match appointed delivery standards in basketball. Stas, not a word said to the teacher, that he underwent the test. The exam came to the forefront and showed the best results! He was often sent to a training camp abroad. To fly to the match without problems, it was necessary to contact me. Look out from the office, in the hallway, as always, is top. Ask: “need something?” And he said, “sent abroad on the game, I want to do without a trouble, help”. Then the documents were treated with severity, even with students demanded a bunch of information and other pieces of paper, and then another, and held personal conversation. Always write to the Stas of good character. With foreign competition, he often brought a “deficit”. And even more so when in the 85th began to play for Moscow “Spartak”.

Станиславу Черчесову устроят шикарное застолье на родине

The nobility and dignity Cherchesov proved by other memories of a family friend: “All fees are spent on clothes, food, medicine for family… Only my parents and sisters are in no way needed. If they failed to deliver the parcel himself, then asked friends to pass in Ossetia. At the end of the fourth year Stas went for military training, he stayed on the ground for three months, came back proud as a Lieutenant of artillery. I think in the military would rise to the rank of Marshal! But he chose football, which is true to this day.”

In life Cherchesov had a lot of stories that talk about his strong-willed character.

Станиславу Черчесову устроят шикарное застолье на родине“By the way, here’s another story, it perfectly illustrates. One day during a workout Stas broke his arm. And the goalkeeper what is the most expensive? Right! So it happened a month before the big game. And he’s in plaster, I imagine, went to all the training, the form did not want to lose. The coaches are the second shot is introduced, and it rests: that will have time to recover, come what may. In short, two days before the match appears on the joyful: “doctor said it was okay! I told you.” What do you think? Only after the final whistle this hard-nosed admitted that the bone had not fused to the end and no permission of the doctor, of course, is not allowed. That’s the will to win,” says a family friend Cherchesova.

Sarbak also said that in his native city Stanislav Salamovich is waiting for him: “Now we have the whole town waiting for him to come home after such a triumph. For us it will be a real feast, feast! He always comes to visit former teachers and the first coach. I teach at the Institute. I hope he will visit our guys and give them a couple useful tips. But until that happens, he says to students: “Stanislav Salamovich, you know? And now he’s all over the world know! Do as he, and you, too, will remember”.