Станислав Бондаренко впервые показал лицо дочери More than a month ago, the star of the film “the Racers” became a father for the second time. Stanislav Bondarenko genuinely happy long-awaited addition to the family. Fans of the actor believe that his little Alexis is growing!
Станислав Бондаренко впервые показал лицо дочери

In November 32-year-old star of the TV series “Give my love” and “Plato” and “Racers” Stanislav Bondarenko became a father for the second time. The choice of the artist Aurika gave birth to his daughter. The baby decided to call Alexia. Happy actor loves the child and tries to give him all the free time.

Recently Stanislav decided to go shopping together with Alexia. The actor has published a photo taken in one of the shops. In the picture Bondarenko holds the baby on his hands.

“Walk and choose gifts. Alex just love it! On the style,” shared the actor.

Fans Bondarenko found a picture of him very touching. According to them, little Alexis is the charm. Subscribers microblog actor wished his daughter to grow up healthy and successful, to the delight of his parents. “Pretty”, “Precious”, “Miracle”, “The Princess. With dad”, “Pretty”, “I think she looks a lot like daddy”, “just like Stas,” commented frame users of social networks.

Recall a joyful event in the life of Bondarenko occurred on 10 November. Stanislav himself said about the new addition to the family. The actor has published a photo taken in the hospital. In the picture, which made a splash on Instagram, Bondarenko holds the baby While the girl’s face was then hidden.

“At 9.50 am was born a beautiful girl Alexis S.! Thank you, my dear Aurika, I love you very much! The will of fate I have now two consecutive days, the birthdays of my children!” – said the actor.

In 2008, Bondarenko was born son mark. The mother of the baby was the first wife of actor Julia Tsepliaeva. The couple separated a few years ago. This became known from the social networks. “Friends, I want to dot all the i and to close a question concerning my personal life – since the beginning of 2015 we are no longer together with Julia Chiplevel. Our decision to part was mutual, we just didn’t want to advertise it. Thanks to Julia for everything, and, of course, for our beloved son Mark. I am very glad that we managed to maintain good relations with Julia,” admitted Stanislav fans.

The current girlfriend actor – art Director of one of the trendiest places Aurika Alekhine. In an interview, Stanislav said that he saw her friends with their mototrader. The artist asked a friend to arrange a meeting with the beautiful stranger. When Bondarenko met with Alekhine, he was amazed, and soon invited a cute girl on a date.