Stalker Taylor swift was detained in Texas

Преследователя Тэйлор Свифт задержали в Техасе

Andrew Hoover, Stalker is an American country singer Taylor swift, who in court was not allowed to approach the celebrities was detained by police officers in Texas.

Преследователя Тэйлор Свифт задержали в Техасе
Last week, the 39-year-old man again took up the old, began to pursue the vehicle of the singer from the Austin airport where I was headed Taylor, planning will travel to Los Angeles. The distance between the cars swift and the pursuer, according to witnesses of incident, was only 20 feet, although the court resolved to deny Andrew to approach swift at less than 500 feet.

The last few months, an inadequate fan showered the father of Taylor’s messages, saying that without it, the singer “will always be alone” and will continue to meet with the wrong people, and after all began to threaten. “God will kill all Swift, and then crumble off the ground,” he wrote. Currently obsessed fan is on bail in 100 thousand dollars, but in the close environment of the actress concerned about his behavior.
Andrew is not the only fan of the swift, which is forbidden to approach Taylor. So, in 2014, Timothy’s Entourage was forbidden to approach the singer and her family after inadequate suitor filled their home with love messages claiming hundred of them with Taylor meant to be together.
Was a Christian Jung, who threatened to kill everyone who will seem with her in public, “even if it is the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry.” The man was sure that they were swift – wife. Christian was arrested at the swift concert in San Diego. He inexplicably managed to sneak backstage and jump on stage. During the detention, Jung managed to break a rib to one of the members of the team of the singer.