St. Petersburg doctor saved the life of a girl who was diagnosed with cancer 4-th degree

Питерский врач спас жизнь девушки, у которой обнаружили рак 4-й степени Eugene Levchenko, head of Department of thoracic surgery fgbu “scientific research Institute of Oncology. N. N. Petrov” of rmph, did the impossible. The physician asked the parents of the girl, who was diagnosed with sarcoma. Other experts believed that she wouldn’t live more than a year. However, since it’s been nine years.
Питерский врач спас жизнь девушки, у которой обнаружили рак 4-й степени

Many years ago, my 13-year-old Irina was diagnosed with cancer. She was diagnosed with sarcoma. The girl underwent several courses of chemotherapy, surgeries, but nothing helped. Surgeons amputated her right leg. At that time, her lungs found more than 70 metastases. The parents appealed to the St. Petersburg SMRC Oncology. Evgeniy Levchenko conducted a unique operation. The doctor used developed and patented the method they personally isolated chemoperfusion. During the procedure, he “turned off” light of the total system circulation. So the specialist was easier to remove all metastases.

“First we had the operation on his right lung and removed 42 of metastasis, but to stop only surgery is guaranteed to relapse. Therefore, we also brings to light a huge dose of chemotherapy drug – it is hundreds of times higher than chemotherapy. But this allows you to remove the micro-metastases that are not visible during the operation”, – explained the expert.

A few months after surgery on one lung, the doctor decided to remove the metastases and on the second, which was 28 pieces. After the procedure the patient went into total remission.

Sometimes Irina arrives from Pskov region to be examined by a specialist. Levchenko was awarded the prize named after Academician Perelman.

“When we manage to snatch someone from the jaws of death, it is very nice. I didn’t want to go into Oncology, it seemed to me that cancer patients did not help. Now it is not so, science has gone far ahead. And treat us not worse, than in Europe or the United States,” said the doctor.

A few years ago Levchenko held at the St. Petersburg Institute the world’s first operation on transplantation of the trachea that was grown from stem cells of the patient. In his family all work in medicine. Wife – a doctor-oncologist with twenty years of experience, the elder son Nikita went to thoracic surgery, and Junior Valery works in the Oncology center in Stavropol.

“I feel that I live in this world. I am a happy person because I can help people to stay in this valley of life without disease and suffering,” admitted Levchenko channel Mash.