Spring is coming! Ekaterina Volkova decided on extreme makeover

Весна идет! Екатерина Волкова решилась на экстремальную смену имиджа
From this rash act of a star “Voronin” was saved by the fans.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Instagram

In the spring of Ekaterina Volkova thirsty for change. Somehow
the actress, whom we know as a striking brunette, is not the first time this time of year it begins to seem that she is going blond. Last year, she
decided to dye my hair blonde and published itself in a new image. Then the unexpected
the image of a star “Voronin” has caused a storm of disappointment among the fans
actress that she had to dye my hair back.

Interestingly, escorted
the present case study, setting in the Network the question of what her
still be: blonde or brunette. During the day the post has gained 11 thousand
reviews. It’s funny that the survey was joined by not only fans
Catherine, but also her family! “I tell you a secret, even my brother decided to have
microblog for the occasion, laughed Volkova. — Now you can officially
to say that the brunette won. I answer for his words”.

This year Catherine wisely. “I woke up today
with the intention to cut hair or to dye my hair some bright color
or blond — wrote in the microblog artist. — It is good that there are people
who will listen to you carefully, but will not go on about your mood.
Escaped in the end, only bangs and slightly bleached hair.”