Spring-fall 2018: dress-cloud on every day

Весна-осень 2018: платье-облако на каждый день

Here come the spring. Fashion houses have already shown the collection spring-summer season, so impatient girls can start to try on new clothes.

High fashion, creative hair stylists will leave for later. Let’s talk about the actual casual clothes. As you can see in www.segodnya.ua/style key positions in the new season is romantic, flying dresses. Narrow trousers, suits for men cut, practical sporty style go into the shadows.
The most fashionable – loose dress without any waistline and even Darts. The actual length or in floor or mini. Shirt dresses, dresses, gowns, dresses Polo popular as ever. They can be layered, asymmetrical cut or a classic straight silhouette. Important: the fabric should form natural pleats float around the figure, not accentuate it and hide. This here is a dress for cloud.

In fashion and dress with a detachable waist, but in this case, the skirt must be lush. Welcome “sun”, trapezoid, the bell skirt, pleated. Pleating, by the way, is at the peak of popularity. It is used for dresses in General, and for individual parts of the collar, cuffs, and various decor.

Romance of the images is underlined by the abundance of decoration. Flounces, lace, bows, sheer or fishnet fabric – casual attribute. And lace, for example, can be combined not only with light fabrics, but with knitted knitwear.

The latter is not out of fashion for a couple of years and in the next season again is not going to take the position. Spring stylists offer to wear thick and long sweaters, jackets. Summer dress free silhouette of the fine knit with sheer panels at the back, at the neckline, at the hem. You can even alternate between both bands.

The most fashionable fabrics of the season: silk, chiffon, satin, linen, satin. The squeak of the spring-summer – so-called laser embossed, that is perforated, all the holes in the fabric. Girl seems to be dressed up, but not completely. On the catwalk the models paraded in a fully transparent robes — even without underwear. However, it is unlikely that such a naked style would be massive.

The leader among the prints this time becomes a vegetable. Such an abundance of large and beautiful flowers was not very long ago. Peonies, roses, poppies and carnations, chrysanthemums and asters has eclipsed all other drawings. Steadfastly keep recently leopard color or ethnic patterns with us goodbye. Categorically not a trend and colour in a small flower.

On the second place on popularity – geometry: strip (often longitudinal) and cage, zigzag, rhombus and peas. The third – abstract drawings: blur, vague modulations, something strange and mysterious.

The color is just calm. Flashy neon and acid shades are gone. In the foreground a romantic mood, then soul rests pastels: color teplinovo milk, pale pink, air blue, transparent turquoise, mint.

Even the bright summer palette, which is also present, looks like this time muted, as close to nature. On trend: dark red, orange, yellow, blue and green. In General, all natural, not irritating to the eyes.