Супруга Тарасова попросила прощения у мамы за то, что позабыла о близких Anastasia Kostenko, a new footballer’s wife, wrote for cousin poem. In it she talked about how she loves her husband, and asked forgiveness for the fact that rarely communicates with the family.

The model, titled beauty Anastasia Kostenko, is the center of attention. After several months of whirlwind romance, she became the bride of the famous football player Dmitry Tarasov. In the beginning of this year, January 9, in the presence of only the closest relatives and friends young people have legalized their relationship. They were married in a Moscow registry office, and twenty days later, Dmitry and Anastasia were married in the Temple Forty martyrs of Sebaste and threw a lavish party on such a solemn occasion.

Despite the fact that the memorable event took almost a week, Anastasia continues to publish the wedding photos. Not only the image of the bride but also her relatives. For example, she recently left in the microblog photo with her mom. Victoria Shcherbakova, Nastia’s mother is a psychologist, she works in an elementary school. The touching photo where they’re both in bright dresses, Kostenko signed poems. In the excerpt, she described that feeling right now: happiness and euphoria of the young wife, and appealed to his “mommy” words of forgiveness. Wife Tarasov is going through that little contact with relatives, but hopes for understanding of his mother.

“Mommy, you know, heart beating, so much so that I do not have time to breathe! Soul to love plummets, And songs about the beautiful singing. Mammy, you know, I’m big, And gives you often, But you and without words understand, Over the feelings we are powerless. Mami, I know was I another, And you talked about this As happiness to my eyes flashing, And love how my face lit up!Mammy, you know, I to meet him, And in the snow and in the rain, although he won’t let you! It is like no other fills the shoulders, And from evil, from all shielding. Mammy, you know, he’s like I’m dreaming! And love your family as I do… And so I like him, no one understands. And for me it is like you are family!”Anastasia wrote.

Subscribers Kostenko was delighted and the photo with her mother, and poems. “Good Boy, Nastya! Touching poems… Mom you are beautiful and I can see where such a beautiful daughter! Good health of mother and you endless happiness, Nastya!””God, what a touching photo. Your mother was very beautiful, and you took over all her beautiful features,” “How could anyone not treat you, Anastasia, but the poems piercingly tremulous and beautiful family!”- wrote the Internet users.

Kostenko added that the thrust of poetry from her grandfather. “Sometimes I Wake up in the genes of his grandfather and I write the poem,” she wrote.