Spouse Natalia Vodianova has revealed unexpected facts of their family life

Супруг Натальи Водяновой раскрыл неожиданные факты их семейной жизни Husband of famous model announced details of their relationship. According to Antoine Arnault, in the beginning of Dating, he realized that he wanted from Natalia’s children. Says Vodianova, she gave birth to two sons just for the sake of the beloved. Now they happily live in an apartment in Paris.

The star of the catwalk Natalia Vodianova and French businessman Antoine Arnault happy together for more than six years. The couple are son, Roman, and Maxim, and the couple has three children, models from her first marriage. Natalia and her partner communicated with foreign journalists and remembered what started their romance.

Antoine argues that the model has captured him immediately. The first time, the businessman saw the future of his beloved back in 2008 during filming Vodianova for one advertising campaign.

“Natalia’t even remember. And I saw her for the first time, and I literally fell off the jaw. It is, of course, beautiful, but it has something special – the view, the atmosphere. Around it hovers a very special aura,” says Arno.

However, at that time, Vodianova was married to a British Lord Justin Portman. Antoine and Natalia met at work, but the first step the man took, only in 2011. He recalls that he wrote to her and tried to make an appointment. A model proposed to meet in a closed area, so as not to attract attention from the media.

“We had a glass of wine on the terrace of his apartment. It was pretty ridiculous because we were both highly embarrassed. I realized that I could see it in ordinary, everyday clothes – jeans, shirt – and I really like it. But he never even tried to kiss me! I’m not one of those women who worry about, they like men or not. But deep down I’m a very sensitive person and it hurt me. I hid my feelings behind the bravado, and thought: “OK, maybe he wants us to be just friends”, – said Vodianova.

Some time later, he asked her to move to live with him. It does not bother, together with the beloved in his apartment, settled her three children. Lucas, Neva and Viktor went to an international school in Paris. Then Antoine realized that he wanted more from Natalia’s kids.

“When you have two and a half years suddenly reappears five children is the most wonderful thing in the world. Not only our Natalia children, but also her children. Now Natasha is a much more experienced mom than she was when gave birth to the firstborn. And, it sounds a bit selfish, but old as well help us with the youngest!” – said the businessman in an interview with magazine “W Magazine”.