Супруга Марка Цукерберга осуществила его заветную мечту
The founder of Facebook announced the name of their newborn daughter.

Супруга Марка Цукерберга осуществила его заветную мечту

Mark Zuckerberg

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Zuckerberg announced on his Facebook page founded by a social network that
his wife Priscilla Chan made happy Mark another child. As reported by mark,
now he has another daughter which parents named Augusta. As
says Zuckerberg, his eldest daughter, Maxine, she is also very happy birth
her younger sisters.

By the way, Priscilla was able to osushestvit
Mark cherished dream, because he dreamed about her daughter. “When we found out that she
again expecting a child, my first thought was: “as long as the child was healthy!”
And my second wish was to have my second child was again a girl. I
from my personal experience I know how great it is when you have a sister. So I
very happy for our eldest daughter to Maxim! he told mark. In my life always
there were a lot of strong women. My wife and I are going to raise our daughters too
strong and independent!” said Zuckerberg, after learning about the pregnancy of his wife.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan with her daughters

Photo: acebook.com/zuck

Recall that Priscilla, and mark always
dreamed of a big family. And as soon as
they got married in 2012, the couple began to work as soon as possible
to acquire offspring. But before Priscilla managed to give birth to the eldest daughter,
she had to endure three miscarriages… So when
December 2015 the wife of Zuckerberg, finally gave birth to Maxim, the couple were
so, so happy. And now mark and Priscilla have managed another step closer
to my dream of a large family…