Spouse Lyadova was forcibly held at the clinic, where he treated the Maryanov

Супруга Лядовой насильно удерживали в клинике, где лечился Марьянов Alexander Kudryashov was also a fatal patient of the rehabilitation center. He argues that the detention conditions there were terrible. According to 80-year-old man, he was there against his will.
Супруга Лядовой насильно удерживали в клинике, где лечился Марьянов

The death of Dmitry Marjanova was a big surprise for his relatives and numerous fans of the actor. A little later began to appear contradictory news about the alleged alcohol addiction stars of theatre and cinema, with which he fought for many years. According to some, the last days of his life, the man was in rehab.

Fans of the actor believe that the clinic staff is to blame for the death of Dmitry. About the conditions of detention in the rehabilitation center decided to tell another patient, the husband of the composer Lyudmila Lyadova, Alexander Kudryashov.

“I called the clinic camp. It is with closed doors, high fence, with no right to freedom,” said the man.
Супруга Лядовой насильно удерживали в клинике, где лечился Марьянов

Previously, Alexander Kudryashov argued that speculators wanted to take possession of the apartment in which he lived with Lyudmila Lyadova. To this end, the crooks started to solder, but the man decided to fight back detractors. Because of this he was sent to the rehabilitation center.

Kudryashov insists that his long time forcibly kept in the clinic, not allowing chat with friends.

“I was several times released, but night came these guys and got me out of bed, again placed there,” said Alexander.

Renee media found out that Dmitry Maryanov was in the ill-fated hospital when he suddenly became ill. There, he received special psychological training, which was supposed to help the actor to understand yourself.

A close friend of Dimitri Gosha Kutsenko confirmed that the movie star was trying to get rid of the dependence.

“Yes, he really was in rehab. He recovered. About any drug out of the question. There he did drip, carried out a specific intervention. That aggravated an old disease, get a blood clot” – said Kutsenko in the program “You wouldn’t believe.”

Obayashi with the TV channel “REN TV”, spouse of composer Lyudmila Lyadova told why he was released from the hospital. According to Alexander Kudryashov, he was diagnosed with cancer at an early stage. Therefore, after receiving the test results, the man was immediately released from the rehabilitation center.