Spouse Jennifer aniston saves on gifts for his wife

Супруг Дженнифер Энистон экономит на подарках своей жене
Justin Theroux admitted, why secretive wedding.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


his recent interview with the husband of Jennifer aniston admitted that the gifts that
he usually gives his wife, are “superbyudzhetnym”. According to Justin Theroux,
Aniston doesn’t appreciate expensive gifts because he decided not to spend money unnecessarily. “I
have long abandoned the idea to buy her jewelry or outfits. And so she had them
enough. I usually choose something very simple, for example,
fleece blanket or Slippers. In short, something practical and comfortable.
And sometimes some ridiculous thing!” he told Justin.

recent examples of his gifts pinata, which he presented to aniston on
her recent birthday. Since Jennifer decided to celebrate his
48 anniversary in Mexico, Theroux decided I needed to buy her a present with the national
color. In the end I opted for the pinata — toy papier-mache,
which is usually filled with candy. “It is a pity, however, that it had to leave
empty because Jen is not sweet. What else do you want to put,
don’t color the cabbage, really?” — joked the actor.

and without breaking piñatas birthday aniston was fun: spouses
celebrated it in the company of best friend Jennifer Courteney Cox and her
boyfriend johnny Macadam. Talking about the party on the occasion of the 48th birthday aniston,
Theroux recalled another celebration, held a year and a half ago. Then the fans
Aniston was struck by the unexpected news that the actress secretly married
marriage to Theroux.

now Justin explained why they decided to classify their wedding. Even the guests invited that day in their
house, were sure that go to a normal party. And found out that he came
for the wedding, only arriving at the site. “With Jennifer we wanted at all costs to avoid
fuss and hassle. We wanted to make sure everything was quiet, peaceful, and everyone got
the fun of the wedding. But it could be done, collecting only slowly
closest friends and relatives…” said Theroux.