Spouse Duchess Catherine shocked extravagant act

Супруг герцогини Кэтрин шокировал экстравагантным поступком
Prince William followed the advice of Meghan Markle.

Супруг герцогини Кэтрин шокировал экстравагантным поступком

Prince William


Супруг герцогини Кэтрин шокировал экстравагантным поступком

Prince Harry


Recently Prince William and his wife Catherine caused a charity visit to
one of the children’s hospital of London. But the media have started discussing not only this fact, but also a radical change of image of Prince William. It was just
it is impossible not to notice that the head of the husband of the Duchess completely bald.

As it turned out, the Prince invited to the Palace Barber to help him get rid of the remnants
hair. Hair 35-year-old Prince began to thin out in 20 years. Since then
all the members of his family — from his father Charles and wife Catherine to constantly tease him. But most of all, William got it from my brother Harry, who until may
boasts a mane of red hair (but they also begin
to thin out at the back).

So, once Harry noticed in public: “Even when we were
students, I realized that it’s William
much smarter than me, but he will soon be bald…” And Duchess Catherine in 2014. during the visit pair in Australia, taking donated to the local
farmer varieties of wool “Alpaca”, said: “I’ll give it to William, he
clearly it needs more to cover his head!”

The Prince, with a good sense of humor, not
offended and just laughed in response to all the “stuff”. But in the end, it
ran out of patience. Say, advice to shave gave William his bride
younger brother — Meghan Markle, Catherine, very grateful to her. At
to reports, the Duchess liked the new haircut of her husband.
Interestingly, as reported, this procedure was done to William in £ 180,
while the standard rate is not more than 10.

Prince Charles with sons William and Harry

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