Spouse Clooney should have that from day to day

Супруга Клуни должна родить со дня на день
Amal will become a mother a little early.

George and Amal Clooney


Although the wife
George Clooney’s plan was to give birth only in the first decade of June, the doctors recently
warned the expectant mother that, by all indications, she could give birth
literally, from day to day. This became known thanks to one of her friends
Mrs Clooney, who shared information with a reporter for Entertainment Tonight.

the fact that Amal can give birth a bit early, there is nothing
exclusive: as often happens with women bearing twins. But
even if a significant event will take place ahead of schedule, it’s not much
to disrupt the plans of the spouses. They are already prepared for the appearance of children on light and advance
booked a place in the London hospital. And not to risk in vain,
Amal and George the last time not leaving the British capital, not to be
at the crucial moment away from the hospital.

However, after
the coming birth of her twins, the couple intend to live a more sedentary life than before. Back in February, confirming, finally, that his wife
pregnant, George said he and his wife learned that will be
parents, changed the schedule of their movements. “From now on we decided
be more responsible and careful and not expose yourself to dangers. So
unlikely now I or Amal decide to go, for example, in South Sudan or in
Congo”, — said George, who was the lawful spouse of Amal in September 2014.

that before meeting Amal Clooney swore that, having gone through one failed marriage, he never
not to get married. And even more will not have children, claiming that it is not ready
to take on this responsibility. “I still can’t believe it. I was never going to marry… And then I found out Amal, we got married, and when she got pregnant, it
seemed like a logical next step in the development of our relations”, —
George commented on his impending fatherhood.