Spouse Arkady Ukupnik has denied the news about emigration to Israel

Супруга Аркадия Укупника опровергла новость об эмиграции в Израиль

The Motherland calls! Famous Russian musician and composer Arkady Ukupnik was spotted today at the Embassy of Israel in Moscow.
A source close to Arcadia reported that Ukupnik plans to emigrate with his family in Israel, and has been supposedly applied for repatriation. Thus he will be able to return to their ethnic homeland and obtain citizenship.

According to the rules on the repatriation, to qualify for Israeli citizenship to anyone of Jewish descent who practice Judaism. The insider said that Arkady is planning to take wife Natalia and daughter Sofia, but it should happen very soon – may 5th.
But the wife of the musician has denied the information on repatriation. They really are planning to visit Israel, but this trip is purely tourism.
“Stay there we’re not going” — said Natalia.

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