Spouse Abraham Russo said about the vile treachery

Супруга Авраама Руссо заявила о подлом предательстве Morel could not believe what was happening to her husband. In her opinion, Avraam Russo is unfair to her and to our children. She turned to her husband in the hope that he is aware of the pain brought by loved ones.
Супруга Авраама Руссо заявила о подлом предательстве

In early October, fans of the singer Avraam Russo was shocked – the actor said that divorcing his wife Morelos. He said that for a long time did not want to make any public statements regarding his personal life, although problems in the family lasted for several years. The wife of the musician preferred to remain silent. Avraam Russo is preparing to divorce

Andrey Malakhov went to new York, called for the Russo mansion and personally talked to Morelos. The woman admitted that she was unpleasantly surprised when I saw the beloved in the Studio talk show. According to her, it was from a program she learned about the intentions of the husband to divorce.

“I’m confused, I don’t know how to live and what to do – admitted wife Russo. – I don’t eat I don’t sleep, I lost weight. You should have called me and said that we’re not together anymore”.
Супруга Авраама Руссо заявила о подлом предательстве

Morel did not hide the fact that Abraham was threatening her. She showed the tape that was made during a trip in the car. The man did not hesitate to talk to the beloved woman unpleasant words. She believes that no woman deserves such treatment

“I had a lot to forgive, tolerate, concede, that was the world that children do not hear differences – said Morel. – I in the presence of children hurt, humiliated, that I’m a nobody, my name in any way, I’m not capable of. He is a tyrant, always right, and I must obey him. If I have an opinion, it is wrong. I was under constant tension.”

The woman admitted that she tried to be the perfect spouse to come home and feel satisfied and happy. However, after the birth of the youngest daughter three years ago a rift.

Супруга Авраама Руссо заявила о подлом предательстве

Now Morel wants to sell the house in new York, but the mansion is not in demand, since the whole design was conceived in accordance with their taste. Every year she had to pay 50 thousand dollars in taxes, as well as a large amount of maintaining a home.

Wife of Rousseau it’s a shame that he ceased to pay attention to the children. According to her, now a musician almost no contact with her daughters. “On the day of birth he is not congratulated, not called. When the man turns and walks away, and the children are innocent little angels, that he does not like them, they don’t need him anymore? With her older daughter were very close, spent a lot of time. Constantly on the phone, saying that the older is a part of his soul. But if this is the part you stomp on the soul?” – can’t understand a woman.

Супруга Авраама Руссо заявила о подлом предательстве

Morel said that in their house there’s a temple where a collection of 300 relics of the saints. It was there baptized his youngest daughter. Anna-Maria. The wife of the artist suspects that he’s under a bad influence. Three years ago, his life was a friend. Buddy had a negative impact on the artist: he was cold to chat with beloved.

Abraham’s wife said that caring for his mother when the singer was on tour and performances. In her opinion, the woman was jealous of his children and family. Moreover, Morel learned of two houses in Russia. She was surprised why her husband purchased the property without her knowledge.

“Never in my life have not deceived him, was always honest and true. After such a blow, as I believe as we begin to live again. Will never be what it was,” says the wife.

Супруга Авраама Руссо заявила о подлом предательстве

At the end of the program, Morel turned to her husband and asked him to find the strength to sit down at the negotiating table and resolve the issue without scandals.

“I know that my conscience is clear before you, I was a faithful friend to you, wife, I’ll never betray, you put me in an awkward position. I have to justify himself before the people, did not want to wash dirty linen from the family. I’m asking just for a human being to sit alone and think that his children feel, think, what pain he has brought us to assess and think about where he was at fault before us,” concluded the wife of Abraham Russo.