«Спортивный» скандал с участием отца Таты Бондарчук получил продолжение Inna Trazhukova will say about beating Mikhail Mamiashvili to the Prosecutor. Previously, the athlete stated that the officer had twice hit her in the face. In his apology, a man denied physical violence, and spoke only of “hard emotional conversation, but wrestling hasn’t forgiven him.

      «Спортивный» скандал с участием отца Таты Бондарчук получил продолжение

      Freestyle wrestler Inna Trazhukova did not accept the apology of the head of Federation of wrestling Mikhail Mamiashvili, father of Tata Bondarchuk. Previously, the athlete accused him of beating. After Traukia are unable to take the bronze medal at the Olympics in Rio, behind the Polish athlete Monika Michalik. According to the woman, the officer was drunk, insulted her and was stabbed twice in the face.

      Father Tata Bondarchuk accused of beating female athletes

      Realizing that was wrong, Mikhail Mamiashvili said yesterday at a press conference that he was ready to apologize to Trazhukova insults. But she is not ready to forgive him.

      “After familiarizing with the materials of press conference of representatives of Federation of wrestling which took place on 24th August, can’t accept an apology Michael Harasiewicz, as the fact of causing me beatings he didn’t recognize, and pushed them to my address accusations of treason. I think the difference between beatings and “hard emotional conversation,” which insists Michael Harasiewicz, to explain not necessary”, – said Inna Trazhukova.

      To leave unpunished act Mamiashvili, the athlete is not going to. Trazhukova plans to write a letter to your supervisor in law enforcement and also reported the incident to the Ministry of sports. Inna believes that bringing apologies, the head of the Federation used the ambiguous phrase “everything was wrong”.

      “The artificiality of these words, as well as the denial of the physical abuse have left me with no other ways of resolving the situation, in addition to contacting law enforcement authorities. This desire to restore his honor and dignity,” – said Trazhukova.

      To the editor of a newspaper, it’s an open letter to ina, in which it reiterated that Mamiashvili punched her in the face. According to her, he was stopped by a number of people present, otherwise the bumps would be more than two. Trazhukova wrote that only by their own efforts achieved a place in the Olympic team, not because of some relations in the sports Federation. In the letter the fighter said that the leadership did not support the spirit to win the fight.

      “My rival was this time stronger. Just what kind of psychological and moral attitude of an athlete can be when the President of the Federation calls on the eve of the silver medalists of the Olympic games are scum?!”, noted Trazhukova.

      Materials TASS.ru and “Sport-Express”.

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