Spoiler alert, details of ending “the Sweet life”

Осторожно, спойлер: подробности финала «Сладкой жизни»

May 23 broadcast of TNT kicks off the last season of the Frank Russian TV series “Sweet life”, stories about the generation of thirty years in modern Russia.

The first two season of “the Sweet life” showed what happens to people who live the way they want. In the end, the heroes find themselves at the bottom and different ways of trying to get back to the comfort zone, to re-live the “sweet life”. But will it be as before?

In the second season have been many turning points. Sasha has gone from Igor, and he lost all his wealth and had almost given up Mishina, in love with him since University. Lera really fell in love with tigrana, who has rejected her despite mutual feelings. Vadim went to prison for fraud thanks to the uncle Tole. The pensioner was not so spineless, his cunning he covers Leer oxygen, leaving the girl no choice but my own bed. Well, Natasha did not forgive her husband cheating and remained in a state of uncertainty, the search for oneself. The TV channel TNT revealed to Woman’s Day small details of the third season. Viewers will see more of candor, feelings, love, but less open sex.

Vadik released from prison

Vadik released on PAROLE, within one month he must pay a Deposit of eight million rubles, not to go to jail. On the neighbouring plot, the family settled – gold miner from Yakutia Vova and his wife Sophia. A lot of money, and nice to spend do not know. But Natasha and Vadim know how beautiful it is to spend eight million for this payment. The case for small – to make so that the neighbors gave them the money.

Natasha will forgive her husband

In the first season Natasha is insecure chubby housewife who is afraid of sex, talking about sex with any frankness. In the second she starts to try some extreme things. And in the third season she comes to the Golden middle. She feels like a woman feels desired, which is an important factor in their relationship with Vadim. It takes him, and is to her new as when the world begins to spin around her own person.

In the relationship with her husband, Natasha is trying to find balance and harmony. Their relations are getting better, they are happy, although this happiness, probably someone will seem strange, because there are lies, and infidelity. But they love each other, and in the third season they come to this. They are the closest people for each other. That poverty, crisis situation in which they were helped Natasha to take another look at Vadik and his family, otherwise to prioritize. And by the end of the third season she appears quite different values, true and real.

Igor will move to live to Mishina

Selling an apartment for the debts, Igor Mishina live on all ready, enjoying her kindness and good attitude. Just like family, only without the sex. That’s all changed. All that was, took everything, put man in such circumstances, when he has nothing left, neither in the soul nor a soul.

When Mishina an admirer, a young and successful lawyer Arthur, Igor realizes that he could lose the last thing he had in – service and other Mishin.

Valerie decides to marry the uncle Bit

Lera finally growing up. She goes on the level of development, when he realizes that the way she wants, most likely, will not develop. And she has to adapt to this situation. She comes to the conclusion that she must still build a relationship with uncle Tolik, and she genuinely tries to love him. This is the story of beauty and the beast. The story of how two people who are in different social strata, come together. She never thought I would marry the fart, but fart is great: he’s caring, smart and kind.

Leroy concludes with uncle Tolik marriage contract, which a year later, she must cross two bedroom apartment in the heart of the Garden ring. The contract spelled out everything – including the uncle Shred diet and the amount of sex a week. And in the contract there is one point on which the flat can go ahead ler… the Game continues.

The creators of the series, as always, surprised by the unexpected twists and turns and true to life, which is so well shown in the series. That is why the project resonated with millions of viewers. The people who wrote the script, knew what they write. That’s why it turned out very honestly.

Always want to believe in happy endings, that love will save the world. Unfortunately, the “sweet life” is not eternal, and circumstances force us to make decisions with which we do not always agree.

Even a strong businessman Igor, who seemed to have everything under control, could not keep business and love.

Did he and Mishin will be together? How is it! He loves Sasha, they are the perfect couple and should definitely make it up, right? If the dancer will return to the father of his daughter, fans might be upset. Mishina, of course, sorry, but love should win.

And what will happen with mark? That’s interesting, he really no longer like women? I must say, the hints of his orientation were already in the first season. Agree, it is strange, when the guy’s erection comes only after hitting the stun gun on the male dignity.

Vadim’s life was studied in full. At the end of the second season it was a pity the most. Wife left, an elderly suitor of his mistress was framed and sent to prison. The level of bad luck was off the charts, apparently, this trend will continue in the third season.

How the fate of Valeria, yet also a mystery. In spite of the hints the filmmakers, I want to believe that she will really fall in love and will be able to be on the Lam from uncle Tolley.

If a young beautiful blonde woman will stay with rich pensioner, the end would be too banal.

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