Spoiler alert: Daenerys and Jon snow having sex

Осторожно, спойлер: Дейенерис и Джон Сноу займутся сексом

The network has already appeared all the key moments of the seventh season.

Before the release of the fifth season was already something similar. Shortly before the premiere spoilers declassified the plot. Needless to say that HBO was furious and made every effort so that this does not happen again… Maybe that’s why the pavilions at the filming of the sixth season of gold guarded by bigger stores. Got to give the guards credit, they performed the work.

That’s only a year later, the situation repeated itself. And now we know what will please us the creators of the seventh part of the Saga.

So, first things first. Daenerys and Jon will meet (well, how could it be otherwise?) and, of course, have sex.

“So they’re relatives,” – I will try to argue the most attentive audience. Remember, remember, in the last series, we learned that Jon is the bastard son of Lianna stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Well, Ned stark just took his sister and promised to take care of, how I met your mother… Well, perhaps the main thing about this story is that snow is none other than the nephew of Daenerys! But in the Seven Kingdoms that still, it seems, nobody stopped.

Arya stark, meanwhile, will continue to take revenge on and kill a Pinky, Wall, which protected the Seven Kingdoms, collapse, and Walkers will possess one of the dragons, according to Reddit.

As for the creators, they once again tear and throw. Although rumor has it that it is not so simple, and the filmmakers themselves started this “Mulk”, in order to drum up interest for the premiere.

In any case, wait another six months, no less! Because the channel traditionally shows a new series in the spring.