Spice Girls 20 years later: how the peppercorns are settled in life

Spice Girls спустя 20 лет: как перчинки устроились в жизни

The famous “Peppercorn” became the most famous girl band. Their songs Wannabe and Viva forever were made of each tape, and the divas posters adorned almost every girl’s bedroom. But in 2001 the band broke up, and the idols of millions, with the exception of Victoria Beckham, was out of sight. The editors of Woman’s Day has learned how their life has developed after 20 years.

Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice)

A red-haired wild child was a favorite among fans of the band. Exactly Gerry dare to kiss Prince Charles, leaving on his cheek the trace of the bright red lipstick and then… pinched his butt!

Age: 44 years.

What did you do to the group?

Jerry worked as a dancer in a nightclub in Mallorca, a model and host a game show on Turkish television. After coming to her fame the British magazines published erotic photos of Halliwell that she was both Topless and completely Nude.

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What does now?

Hollywell has long abandoned music career, but it’s not frustrating. The singer has found a new hobby. The former “wild child” has become a children’s writer and now writes books, the characters which she withdraws from famous people, including and participating in the Spice Girls.

What about love?

On this front at Jerry full order. She married the leader of the team “Formula 1” Red Bull Racing Christian Horner. And expecting a child.

Also Jerry has a 10-year-old daughter, Bluebell Madonna. The girl with the unusual name she bore 10 years ago by writer Sasha Gervasi.

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