Эффектная ассистентка из «Поля чудес» стала мамой For women this is the second birth. Aida’s eldest daughter recently turned two years old. Rimma Agafoshina has worked as an assistant in the famous capital of show 15 years and managed to collaborate with renowned model agencies.

Permanent assistant leader of the program “Field of Miracles” Rimma Agafoshina yesterday gave birth to a son. The woman shared good news with fans, writing in a microblog about a new family member. “The stork brought Adocca brother,” – said the happy mother.

Friends and fans immediately bombarded the model congratulations. “I’m happy for you. Congratulations to your beautiful family with another man”, “Romochka, heartily congratulate you on this wonderful event. With the completion! My son! Let your little angel is growing happy and healthy. My dear IMMULITE, you’re a hero!”, “The most important and beloved man appeared in your life, son!” – wrote fans.

Rima dedicated to the TV show “Field of Miracles” 15. Many remember how in the air she brought to the participants a treasured box and opened the letters on the display. Every week a woman admired by millions of fans. In addition, the star of the broadcast was the face of Russian and international brands, and also starred in commercials.

Rimma Agafoshina 36 years. She is married to businessman Alexander. Once the model has admitted that she had met a lover quite by accident, walking along the Arbat. More about her wife journalists is not known.

For life spectacular brown-haired women on Instagram watch more than a thousand subscribers. A woman loves to share pictures of her daughter and always talks about how was their day. Rimma loves to cook and always shares photos of culinary masterpieces. Fans admire the talent and bright appearance cat and do not skimp on compliments and some even recognized my love for her.

“Rima, you are so beautiful, that the eyes do not tear. And I guess I can confidently say that in love with you”, “Rimma is always beautiful, even argue about it not worth it”, “You’re always so different, this time, again, so thin, so you want to feed,” write the subscribers. The woman always enters into a dialogue with the fans and thanks them for the nice words.

Modeling Rimma deals with 15 years. The girl even graduated from school as an external student in order to devote more time to his career. She has worked with famous fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitseve and sign contracts with famous model agencies.