Specialist aura: “the Main rival Samoilova – she”

Специалист по ауре: «Главный соперник Самойловой - она сама» The expert explained why it has failed to reach the final of “Eurovision”. Julia has performed at music competition, performing I won’t break. Specialist aura Ilya Sagliani said, what are the qualities of the artist.
Специалист по ауре: «Главный соперник Самойловой - она сама»

The representative of Russia at “Eurovision” Julia Samoilov has disappointed the foreign audience. In Portugal she introduced the song I won’t break. The actress, who due to serious health problems can’t walk, gave the song personal emotions and demonstrated the power of his vocals. “It’s about the power of the spirit of Julia who inspired so many? The song is the image of the “castle of sand”, which is fragile at first glance, but in reality – solid as a rock,” said one of the authors of the composition Leonid Gutkin.

Despite the bright room, Yulia failed to get into the finals. Moreover, as noted by the viewers, she forgot part of the text.

Expert in aura Ilya Sagliani analyzed the personality of Yulia Samoilova and explained why the singer was unable to beat the competition, although the strength of her character are the envy of many.

“The superior quality of Yuli – the ability to overcome their anxieties and fears. The ghosts of the past and of the future plagued by the girl’s heart, but it is as if every time comes out of their depths to the sun. Julia will always be the strongest person in their environment: people think that they are helping her, but actually, she helps them become their best selves. It holds a lot of emotions a lot, due to the fact that it is closed to outsiders, this is not complex… It’s a fear to gain the confidence of the people,” – said the expert in the analysis for “StarHit”.

According to Elias, the singer is a very restrained girl in terms of relationships. She will never trust unfamiliar people. Samoilov confident, and the energy draws in creativity.

“This psycho girls very good sense of the line where you can go to contact, and where it is not necessary. Intuition is good Julia, it must always listen. It always displays on the right road. Emotional background is strong, it is like a battery, charged with creativity. It gives her strength,” – added Ilya.

According to experts, the loss Samoilova can be explained by the fact that it competes with itself. “Her main rival – she. But morally it is superior to many”, – the expert believes.