Specialist aura: “Sobchak and Vitorgan charge each other”

Специалист по ауре: «Собчак и Виторган заряжают друг друга» Sunday presenter celebrates his birthday. Bright and ambitious Ksenia Sobchak always knew how to attract attention. Expert Ilya Sagliani has revealed that he expects a celebrity in the near future.
Специалист по ауре: «Собчак и Виторган заряжают друг друга»

5 Nov Ksenia Sobchak turned 36 years old. Like last year, the presenter will not celebrate birthday. Instead, Sobchak will leave with relatives outside the city. Maxim Vitorgan left a touching wish the spouse in social networks. “My best girl of the Earth! My wife, mother, tenderness, care, sex, diamond and crystal, dew, and rain! Laugh, create, be of good cheer! And let the whole world drown! (…) I’m always behind your shoulder! Remember that when you’re spitting (three times),” shared the actor on Instagram.

In October, the star announced that it plans to participate in presidential elections. The decision of the journalist caused a heated public debate. While some people call to vote for Xenia, others Express discontent with her candidacy, believing that a celebrity too far from politics. Specialist aura Ilya Sagliani said about the future of Sobchak.

Narusova on the nomination Sobchak: “It was the most difficult choice in my life.”

“Ksenia is a smart and strong spirit of Narcissus, which have long been saving all their energy for the new presentation — shared the expert. — The coming year will be her period. She will feel that she took revenge for all that had to do before. Reputation of Xenia will become more respectable. However, during the winter, drive slowly subside. Around Sobchak will be the situation of alienation. Many will be frightened to approach it too close.”

According to Sagliani, the star will have to work with their surroundings. However, this work Sobchak will not end. Xenia will have a flurry of activity.

Специалист по ауре: «Собчак и Виторган заряжают друг друга»“She had not expected guests — a continuous creative search. However, mostly they will be not to create something, and come to mind. Any criticism would not to oppress, but to encourage Xenia. Especially since she has fulfilled faithfully and honestly all the important agreement,” — said the expert.

Sagliani added that Sobchak inherent respectful attitude to colleagues and friends. The expert also believes that Ksenia is honesty. Speaking about one of the most resonant events of recent times, the specialist said that its outcome will depend not on the presenter.

“It generally behaves decently and in business and in family relationships. In the coming year, others will appreciate it as never before. But the development of the main events of the year, which involved Xenia, depends not from it. It’s someone else’s story. But in any case, the girl to beat she will not. And the power ambitions of Xenia will not be buried in 2018. She will go through phases of irritability and bouts of aggressive, intolerant behavior (especially in the middle of the year),” said Sagliani.

Specialist aura also spoke about how Ksenia Sobchak supports her husband Maxim Vitorgan. Sagliani believes that the couple — a harmonious couple. The expert noted that the stars complement each other.

“However, the family relationship is not affected. The husband believes in her lucky star, wife charged each other. Their Union is not afraid of any disputes and quarrels. And financial success next year will bring to the house of the spouses a permanent sense of family triumph and victory over all envious,” commented Sagliani.