Specialist aura: “Shurygina will be the initiator of the separation from her husband»

Специалист по ауре: «Шурыгина станет инициатором расставания с мужем» Ilya Sagliani gave a disappointing forecast marriage to Diana, which was combined by marriage in the past year for operator Andrew Slavina. The expert believes that Shurygina emotionally unstable, and because of this relationship with her husband explosive.

Diana Shurygina from Ulyanovsk became famous throughout the country after the program “Let them talk” told his story. The young girl stated that she was raped Sergey Semenov at a party with mutual friends. The guy was sentenced to eight years, but then appealed the verdict and the sentence was reduced to three years and three months. The story of Shurygino caused an unprecedented boom – the audience was divided into two camps. Some thought that Diana’s “own fault”, they called her loose and giving false readings. Others supported the girl, and believed that the rapist should suffer more severe punishment. Sergey Semenov was released 10 January, after serving less than two years of imprisonment.

And Diana Shurygina last fall and got married. The heroine of scandalous stories met Andrew operator Slavina while recording a show for YouTube channel and TV presenter and chief editor of “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov. Shurygina admitted that the young man had provided her with great moral support.

The scandal surrounding Diana Shurygina not abated, she continues to be invited to various talk shows, to understand the situation. Andrew Slagen often accompanied by his wife, protecting her interests and even enters into a fight defending her honor. However, specialist aura Ilya Sagliani believes that this marriage will not last.

Husband of Diana Shurygina attacked the expert show Shepeleva

“In a relationship till they’re calm and present balance. Diane main and her character strong. My husband is weaker and he is more like a prop that was holding her back. He knows how to control their emotions. In the near future, not predict scandals in this pair. But Diana is not stable, so the interest can change dramatically and she becomes the initiator of parting,” says the specialist.

According to Ilya Sagliani, Diana Shurygina has immense emotional background, she is a person who can say, and then think. This indicates a function of a lack of self-control. In his opinion, in the relationship of Diana is the main dominant element.

On this basis, the expert on the aura concludes that Shurygina by nature stronger than her husband and will always lead in the relationship. “He is calm and often can slow down. But he will never be the main in the relations, as Diana egocenter above the Ostankino tower. This relationship will still be like a powder keg. And Andrew on energy is weaker than she is. Despite the fact that so far all is well with Diana and her husband, still this pair does not fit each other. One day he will annoy her, and Diana will be the initiator of parting,” – said Ilya.