Specialist aura: “Dakota stronger Sokolovsky”

Специалист по ауре: «Дакота сильнее Соколовского» Ilya Sagliani revealed the truth about the relations of actors who have an important event in life. At the end of October Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky became parents for the first time. The young people loved the child and try to give him all the free time.
Специалист по ауре: «Дакота сильнее Соколовского»

Recently Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky celebrated the completion of the family. Singer and composer gave birth to a charming girl called MIA. The baby was born on 23 Oct at 19:35 in one of the capital’s medical centers. Fans bombarded the couple with congratulations on social networks. Many believe that Dakota and Sokolowski will be great parents. Specialist aura Ilya Sagliani said about the relationship Dakota and Sokolowski. According to experts, young people are remarkably complementary.

Vlad Sokolovsky showed the first daughter

“At Rita’s powerful energy and bright aura. She’s stronger than Vlad, which, in turn, very clean energy. Their relationship is very strong and long. Despite the fact that Vlad is weaker than Rita, he is well compatible. The singer not only protects her husband, but also brings good luck in the guarding talisman. His clean energy fuels Dakota. The color of the aura of Rita blue, and Vlad — green”, — said Sagliani.

Note that fans of couples don’t stop to admire the harmony that reigns in their relationship. Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky produce the impression of a cheerful and open people. They often share their thoughts in social networks. Thus, recently Rita has admitted that he admires the optimism of the spouse.

“Today, Vlad flew out of my head the word “depression”. We were driving in the car and discussed suicidal tendencies “the forgotten” stars , which, in addition to this litmus popularity and universal adoration, more in life and there is nothing (really, a terrible tragedy). Vlad couldn’t recall a word for a minute, somewhere twisted in the head synonyms, until he blurted out: “Sure! Depression! Estimate, completely forgotten”… that’s it. Man-sun, man-positive, whatever happens. And I’m learning. I almost, really. From sad while only songs succeed”, — said Dakota.

Another time Rita talked about how the appearance of the baby changed her life. “The experience of motherhood is the most difficult, exciting and confusing subject for me, one day I will write a huge detailed article about the long journey from the imaginary “I’m childfree” in 20 years and to this day, when my hands sniffs happiness in socks “I love dad”. About fears and insecurities, about work, about study of childhood injuries and everything else that lies behind every perfect picture where I am not an exception,” admitted the singer.