Special status: the rules of life of the representatives of the “Golden youth”

Особый статус: правила жизни представителей «золотой молодежи» The heirs of the stars of today popular in the circles of their peers no less than their famous parents. Every step they flaunt on social media. Many are skeptical about it, some are jealous, and for some guys becoming idols.

The descendants of the celebrities we can say from the cradle start to lead a glamorous life. If celebrities had years to succeed and, as a consequence, the financial well-being, for their sons and daughters to fly on private jets, sailing and attend social events is a given. However, many of them from childhood understand how important it is to be educated, intelligent and hardworking. Because the attention of Internet users glued to the pages of the Golden youth. Teenagers of high society, demonstrate how their daily life is. “StarHit” decided to talk about what are the children of the rich and famous.

Stefaniya Malikova

Stesha Malikova today is very popular among celebrities. About it write mass media, her every outfit is discussed on social networks for adolescents from ordinary families the girl is a model and a role model. However, the daughter of a famous musician Dmitry Malikov by the age of 17 is tired to be known as just a “pretty face” and trying hard to show that cosmetics and clothes are not all that interested in Golden youth. In his blog ASK.fm beauty with pleasure answers questions from fans about the preparation for admission to the University.

“Why the University, not MSU? What language would like to study in University? – Italian and English” – briefly meets girl in a social network. “Stash, I also plan this year to enroll in MGIMO, on which faculty would like to see? I only Journalism going to do,” long identified Stesha Malikova.

When many fans asking questions about cosmetics and ask the beauty to give advice on skin care, then Malikov not stop. About women’s wisdom in the choice of makeup or dress, she is ready to talk for hours and write long explanations in the blog. Often visit girls you can see the similar dialogues:

“What makeup do you recommend? – You have so many cosmetics that eight is enough” mom. Actually, I think, I pace can be a great beauty blogger. Do not believe that skin care should be cheap, as well as the Foundation”, – confessed the teenager in the blog.

Despite the popularity and glamorous life, Stasi a very warm relationship with parents. And future husband Malikova as she recently admitted, must possess all the qualities of her father – Dmitry Malikov.

“In any case in a future husband I want to see many traits of his dad: intelligence, a good sense of humor, ability to take care of the family,” said Stephanie in a recent interview with “StarHit”.

Gregory Wernick

But the son of famous actor Igor Vernik, Gregory shows quite different values. Pages of social networks the young man literally full of photos with family. He honors their ancestors and are not shy to talk about it out loud. Every picture with mom and dad signed with love.

“Go down the street, happy because the Pope asked the Director to invite him to school the first week… will Have this time to be like mom…” – signed Gregory the father in Instagram.”Love your mom! Another person who will treat you so!” – calls wernick, Jr., subscribers of the social network.

Of course, a young person’s life is filled with different events. In his early years he managed to try himself as a TV presenter of reality show “School of music”. Also the young man attending drama courses at the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, which regularly publishes reports. In General, if I appeared willing to pozloslovit about the way of life the Golden youth, it is unlikely that we would have to take it out on David Wernicke, who gives no cause for gossip and gossip.

Eric Kiknadze

The daughter of the wife of the popular showman Ivan Urgant Eric Kiknadze already in their early years has a clear position, one is not supposed to “go” on the popularity and success of their parents. Erica herself did not lead the lifestyle of glamorous girls. And openly condemns those who dare to equate himself to the stars, not built anything in their own lives.

“It is strange to see how they show off all their bags, yachts, expensive cars, jewelry. And the money is not theirs, and parents,” wrote one social girl.

His word is a 15-year-old girl is correct. Just look at a photo of her in Instagram. Almost all the pictures of Erica in a black and white and signed in English. My family the girl prefers not to discuss and generally trying to lead a life normal average teenager.

Sasha Strizhenova

The daughter of the famous TV presenters Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy Sasha is the real psychologist of his generation. Adolescents are constantly questioning the girl about the relationship. They are interested in how to create a harmonious Union and should behave as a young lady, to attract love.

“The question is how to keep relationship from such intrusions. Have not yet found an answer…” – interested followers, “No. People if you want to – nothing stops him. And if he is all soul and heart with a loved one – no power will not hurt,” explained Alexander. “How are the girls available? For whom to kiss or sleep drunk or is that just considered normal?” – ask the Board members. “As I was told by a wise man: “With such do not meet, not a virgin,” shared celebrity.

Their peers Sasha Strizhenova today became a mentor and Advisor. Probably because of the novel Anton Curiculum, which is discussed for a long time. In the press a couple trying to marry. However, the famous father of a teenager have long told reporters that about marriage too early. This, however, does not prevent his daughter to feel happy and benefit by sharing their experiences of relationship with subscribers.

Ales Kafelnikov

The triumph of this young girl leaves no one indifferent. Not only that, Ales was lucky enough to be born into a family of Olympic tennis champion Yevgeny Kafelnikov. So she still got a beautiful appearance and hard work. 16 years old beauty is already building a modeling career and managed to get on the covers of world famous magazines.

Just, carefree childhood and colorful youth Alesya love to discuss fans. Subscribers are often asked the girl what it’s like to be beautiful, famous and rich almost from the cradle? The model responds quite Mature – she was lucky. She can choose a man, not focusing on his Bank account.

“My love will not buy. For in my life and the love of money no when you do not have. I work and earn money. By the way, the money on beauty salons, restaurants and other expenses I have money!” patiently answers girl to the questions of followers.

Lisa Peskov

Daughter of press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov Lisa in his 17 years thinking quite wisely. Her life not only consists of partying and shopping. Young person have to constantly keep hitting. She was used to the brash and caustic remarks in his address. The teenager has many times demonstrated the ability to fend for themselves. She never hides from envious and can’t ignore the offensive statements subscribers. A descendant of the high-ranking official is convinced that mistreat her can only envy.

“I remember very well the days when our family had no money, and mom and dad, after putting me to bed, after work and school left the “bomb” at night. Never in my life we had not experienced envy and anger to a more successful or rich than we are. Central to the friendship, support and love. So now I feel sorry for the people leaving evil comments on the Internet, and until they realize that jealousy will not make their life better, their lives nothing will change,” he wrote in his account Lisa.

The girl responded with dignity to all who accused her of treason because of moving abroad. Lisa ventured to interviews for several publications and has published in all social networks to explain why they are not studying in Russia, although the status of the daughter of the officer obliges.

“My “Instagram” showered with questions about whether I’m going to move from France to the Motherland. In this regard, I would like to Express my opinion on this topic. First, I am an adult and the right to decide where to live and study. Secondly, I think those who believe that the patriots should study only in their country is either not very familiar with the history or personality of Peter is not authoritative for them. This king realized the importance of education abroad for the development of the state. As a result, began to reform, with special attention focused on Europe, for which thousands of young people went to study abroad for training in different fields (and, incidentally, he began with himself),” said Lisa Peskov.

Juliana Dobrovskaya

Daughter Renata Litvina Juliana is also included in the list of Golden youth. A big part of her life consists of photo shoots, shopping and fashion parties. However, the girl a lot of time on your education and learning. Today she speaks fluent English and French. The successor of the famous actress admits that she does not like noisy parties. It is much nicer to lie down on the couch at home with a book or to go with friends to a movie. She also never misses an opportunity to visit the fitness club. Because, probably, it is constantly plagued by teenage questions subscribers. Because this beauty is so similar to them! Juliana gladly respond.

“When asked how I eat, I say just don’t eat junk food, that’s all. About cosmetics, I can say, I still don’t much make up if just for some photo shoot. My clothes I pick up myself, but consulting the mother,” Juliana regularly responds to questions of his fans on the Network.

Nikolai Baturin

The son of producer Yana Rudkovskaya and businessman Viktor Baturin in his 14 years is already clearly defined – what he wants from life. And the young man confidently goes to his goal. Kohl childhood loves football. For several years playing a striker in the team “torpedo-02”.

Not spared the young man the fate that befalls many children of celebrities. Looking at mom, successfully working in show business, nick also decided to try their hand on a musical Olympus. Recently, his passion for football and added passion for music. The guy recorded his first single.

The Golden boy honors his family. Literally every third picture in social networks is associated with his beloved parent. He happily attends glamorous parties with Yana Rudkovskaya and goes to her rest. But to communicate with strangers and their fans Buchanan does not like. He’s got all the social networks, but most likely, it is a fad. The numerous questions of the subscribers, the son of the famous producer tries to answer or not answer at all. From this he had less fans becomes. On the contrary, peers like this a little closed and silent type guy.