Акционное предложение от Markiza: разработка бесплатного дизайн-проекта

Production and trading company Markiza announces promotion in which every customer can enjoy free designer 3D-design awnings, summer cafes, or other object with maximum realism. Any drawing or drawings made by professional artists, will not give such credibility as three-dimensional visualization.

To participate in this promotion, the customer must prepare the image and the size of the building, where you plan to install the design. Upon request, the services of a specialist Markiza, which alone will do all the necessary measurements and photos.

Development free the design project is carried out in a short time, rendering is performed taking into account peculiarities of the building and customer requirements relative to appearance of the future product. Restrictions on the level of complexity of the work the company does not: the designers will prepare a project on any object or area. Three-dimensional technology allow to see the object from all sides, so the customer further easily determined by the color, model and size of future construction.

Made by free offer products are of high quality and has a guarantee, which confirms its long life. Take advantage of the offer at the link http://www.markiza.ru.

About the company

Markiza is one of the most successful enterprises for the production of solar and building structures for commercial purposes. Initially, the company specialized in the manufacture of tents and other structures used in the summer, then engaged in the creation of the Marquis. Over 15 years of intensive work the company has become the largest provider of awnings and outdoor café. Over the years the company has gathered the best that there is in the European market, added our own experience and now offers its customers high-quality and attractive designs. Services Markiza popular among owners of restaurants, salons, shops and other organizations where necessary, colorful and functional design of the Windows, loggias, facades, outdoor areas.

The company has its own production base in Moscow and Saint Petersburg that allows you to perform the entire job on their own. Markiza manufactures construction and operational transportorul in their regions. Each production stage there is a strict control that allows us to offer our customers only high quality products. A decent standard of products and service make the cooperation with the company the most profitable for partners.

Address: Moscow, tar lane., 4.
Phone: +7 (495) 983-58-58.
Web site: www.markiza.ru.