«Особенным» детям важны фото со звездами»: Бледанс оправдалась за скандал с Хабенским Evelina Bledans decided to clarify such an incident occurred recently with Konstantin Khabensky. According to star, the actor refused to be photographed with her son. We will remind, at the Seeds from birth was diagnosed with down syndrome. And, according to the presenter, photos with the artists help the integration of “special” kids in society.
«Особенным» детям важны фото со звездами»: Бледанс оправдалась за скандал с Хабенским

That Evelina Bledans actively fighting for the rights of people with down syndrome know all of her fans. The actress brings a “special” son Semyon, who is her inspiration for social work. However, recently the star and her heir was the epicenter of the scandal.

The fact that keira Knightley refused to take a picture with a little semen. This aroused the indignation of the star mom, so she dedicated the incident in the microblog post, but it’s hardly expected that faced with a flood of negative comments in his address.

Several hours later, the actress was quick to delete the controversial post and make excuses for the subscribers.

“I didn’t expect this hype around the story. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, nor to anybody did not compare, and nothing tried to imagine. And the fact that some of you were so aggressive — it’s very strange. We with our Foundation not by chance take photos of famous people with children with down syndrome. It is very important to promote our themes and integrate these people into society. And every photo of Semik with a significant person important to me. Just it was the first refusal that’s why I was upset,” — said Evelina.
«Особенным» детям важны фото со звездами»: Бледанс оправдалась за скандал с Хабенским

Many members supported the presenter, noting that her anger was justified. However, there were those who condemned China for its disrespect to the famous actor and his right to privacy.

By the way, the keira Knightley in an interview, explained his reluctance to be photographed with fans.

“Personally, I’m not going to hide, do not want to go in closed institutions. I want to live as we live, so I think that people, the audience, they love me or not, should understand. I’m not a camera for photography, not a monkey. On request to be photographed I have the right to say “no” when somewhere, smoke, chat with friends — I don’t have to settle for something for any inquiry,” said the actor.

46-year-old keira Knightley and actively engaged in charity. After the actor’s wife died of cancer, he started a Fund to help children who are faced with cancer.

Apparently, Bledans does not intend to continue the conflict with the artist. According to fans, Evelyn just hoped for sympathy, but faced with a wave of negativity that caused her to remove the controversial post.